First Battalion

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First Battalion
Basic Information
Video Game
DreamCatcher Games
Real-time Strategy, RPG, First-person Shooter
Keyboard, Mouse
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
First Battalion
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
August 212006
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First Battalion is an arcade tank combat game developed by Zootfly.

Campaigns[edit | edit source]

There are three campaigns The German, The Russian and The American campaign. In all these campaigns a user is given command of a WW 2 tank (belonging to the type of army). The user is given a task that involves tank fighting, taking out artillery and strafing infantry. The user has to drive the tank and use the primary as well as the secondary armament. There are frequent ammo reload and repair points in the game. Sometimes a user is given a command of tank squadron. One can use these squadrons for offensive (flanking attack)and defensive (holding the position) purposes.

You start out as the Germans with two missions involving the invasion of Poland in 1939. They are fairly easy, since the German tanks were far superior to any other tanks or weapons at that point in time. After the Poland missions, you have a mission against the French in Belgium. The difficulty begins to rise as the French had better tanks than the Poles and they also make use of anti-tank guns. Then, you have a mission as part of Operation Barbarossa, where you are part of the army advancing towards Moscow. Then you come to the final German mission: the attack on Stalingrad. For the first time, you get to use a Tiger tank and you also face more powerful Soviet tanks.

After the German Campaign there is the Russian campaign. In the first mission, you have to cross the Volga and complete the encirclement of Stalingrad. In the next mission, you have to stop the German's Operation Winter Storm by destroying a heavily armored supply train. And then you get to go into Stalingrad and root out the Germans in the Red Square there. The next Russian mission is to stop the initial push of the German at Kursk in July 1943. After, that you get in a German Panther tank and sneak behind the German lines to rescue some Russian POWs. And then you have to destroy the German's last all-out attempt to win the battle of Kursk.

After defending the Motherland, you get into a Sherman and land on Utah Beach, where you have to clear the bunkers and advance to St. Mere Eglise. Then you get to drive around the Bocage and destroy some V-2 rockets. And after that, you get Operation Cobra, where you have destroy some artillery. The next mission is probably one of the hardest. You go up against nothing but Tigers, and you have to get the tank ace named Michael Wittmann. Following that, you join the 3rd Army and drive like hell up to Bastogne to rescue the 101st Airborne in the Battle of the Bulge. Next you get to go in a King Tiger and sneak behind enemy lines again. And the last mission is the drive to and crossing of the Rhine, where you have to break through to the river and get over before the bridge is blown up.

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