First Samurai

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First Samurai
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Vivid Image]][[Category:Vivid Image]]
[[Image Works (Amiga]][[Category:Image Works (Amiga]], Atari ST, {{CompanySwitch|C64)
Ubi Soft Entertainment Software (DOS)
[[Kemco|Kotobuki System Co.|Publisher}}, Ltd. (SNES)]] (SNES)]]
Action, Platform, Strategy
3.5" disks (2) (Amiga)
Amiga, C64, Atari ST, PC-DOS and Super NES
Main Credits
[[Raffaele Cecco]]
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The First Samurai is a platform game that involves the player on a quest as the first samurai in the history of ancient Japan to survive in a world of evil and rival swordsmen. Eating food and drinking sake will help the player get stronger, while fire and enemy contact will weaken the samurai. The player starts out as a hermit in an ancient forest, but he eventually becomes powerful enough to fight in the villages and towns, and eventually the dungeons. The game was originally produced for Amiga with versions to follow made for Atari ST, C64, DOS and the Super NES. It was followed by Second Samurai.

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