Fly! II

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Fly! II
Developer(s) Terminal Reality
Publisher(s) Gathering of Developers
Engine Fly!
status Status Missing
Release date April 26, 2001
Genre Flight simulator
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Apple Macintosh
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media CD-ROM
Input Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick
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Fly! II is a virtual flight simulator developed by Terminal Reality and released on April 26, 2001, by Gathering. It is a sequel to Fly! and Fly! 2k.

While it had a promising flight model and a unique approach to the cockpit panel system, the lack of default scenery and program bugs kept the simulator from reaching the popularity of Microsoft's flight sim. Nevertheless Fly! II gained a steady fan base which can be attested to by the fact that fan add-ons to the simulator are still made on an almost daily basis, even though the sim was released in 2001.

Scenery[edit | edit source]

The scenery in Fly! II is limited to a few detailed areas with the remainder of the world generically rendered. The result is missing rivers, roads and other visual references used in Visual Flights in most areas. To compensate for this a scenery tool called TerraScene was released by a separate company so that the end user can make the scenery for any desired location. This tool is not overly user friendly and requires some knowledge of files.

Panels[edit | edit source]

Thought to be the strongest feature of Fly! II, the aircraft panels are quite a bit larger than similar flight sims and require scrolling to view in their entirety. This leads to very detailed and easy to read panels, but also a strange visual effect when the panel scrolls but the outside view does not.

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