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Here will have an in depth view of the aspects in Flyff like classes, leveling, market, skills, and items.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Character stats, like any RPG, drive many aspects of Flyff. The stats here do not stray far from the RPG norm. For clarity sake their details will be outlined here. There are only four of them so it's not difficult to grasp.

  • STR (Strength)- affects the damage done on a successful hit, each point in STR adds a possible 5 damage
  • STA (Stamina)- affects the max hit points, max FP, and defense of your character
  • DEX (Dexterity)- affects accuracy of an attack, the chance to dodge, and the total attack speed of your character
  • INT (Intelligence)- affects the max MP, the length of buff type skills, and the strength of magic attacks

Classes[edit | edit source]

You can make up to 3 characters in Flyff. Each class does have a distinct "feel" so it can be easy to fill this up.

Vagrant[edit | edit source]

Do NOT get any Vagrant skills whatsoever. This is one of the most common mistakes that newbies make. They become worthless after level 15, require FP points, which you will have few of as a vagrant, and are not worthwhile to level with. Also, you only get one reskill when you receive your job certificate, so it is not advised for you to waste your points on useless skills.

Instead, visit the "BUFF PANG" in central flaris, get buffed, and kill mobs 3-7 levels higher than you (depending on equips/RM presence).

Your buffs will last you an hour, and that is all the time you need to level to 15 anyways...Visit MARS MINE to level fast once you reach lvl 13-14.


Assist[edit | edit source]

Male Assist
Male Assist wearing a Set
Female Assist
Female Assist wearing a Set

The Assist class is the "support" class. They have skills that toughen, empower and heal themselves and other players. They use either a Stick or a Knuckle. Assists do have the benefit of being able to solo or support due to their buffing skills and since they have a very nice AOE attack (area of effect) the fighting build can level up quite quickly. It's important to know that assists have some skills that require you to wear either a Stick or a Knuckle, most require the use of a Stick.

None of the Assist skills require a particular order in the Action Bar slot and all Assist skills max out at lvl 20.

SkillReq. lvlSkill Req.Description
HealHeallvl 15noneRestores HP based on the lvl of Heal
PatiencePatiencelvl 18Heal lvl 3Gives target +10 Hp per Patience level
Quick StepQuick Steplvl 18Heal lvl 3Player will walk/run faster depending on the Quick Step level
Mental SignMental Signlvl 18Heal lvl 3Raises INT by 1 for each level of Mental sign.
Tamping HoleTamping Holelvl 20Heal lvl 3A good, slow, one hit strike
ResurrectionResurrectionlvl 20Patience lvl 4Revives a fallen player and recoves some HP depending on level of Resurrection
Heap UpHeap Uplvl 20Mental Sign lvl 4Increases STA by 2 for every level of Heap Up
Circle HealingCircle Healinglvl 25Resurrection lvl 4An AOE healing skill that heals your troups HP depending on the lvl
HasteHastelvl 25Quick Step lvl 3Increase the speed of non-skill attacks
StonehandStonehandlvl 25Tamping Hole lvl 4Gives a chance to stun a target for around 4 seconds Note:can only be cast on your character
Beef UpBeef Uplvl 25Mental Sign lvl 4Increases STR by one per level
Cats ReflexCats Reflexlvl 28Haste lvl 4Increases the chance to dodge an attack
Burst CrackBurst Cracklvl 28Stonehand lvl 4A great AOE attack
PreventionPreventionlvl 30Circle Healing lvl 4A chance to prevent the player from dying from a critical attack Note: can only cast on your character
AccuracyAccuracylvl 30Beef Up lvl 4Increases accuracy of attack
CannonballCannonballlvl 35Cats Reflex lvl 4Increases DEX 1 for each lvl
PowerfistPowerfistlvl 35Burst Crack lvl 4Very strong, single target, attack

Bill Poster[edit | edit source]

Bill Poster is the fighting assist. Uses Knuckles to fight and stick to mainly buff themselves.

Recommended stats by level 100 --> STR: depending on the amount of STA used. All other points not used onto this!

STA: 90-110. 80 with great equips.
DEX: 15 (basic stat)
INT: 15 (basic stat) After capping your STA, max INT for a BT Int AOE BP

PLZ NOTE: This build is for a really good STR AoE Billposter!!

Int is fastest casting AOE spell...but an INT bp cannot giant hunt well at all, where STR aoe BPs can. *credit TheOJP*

Ringmaster[edit | edit source]

Ringmaster is the healing and buffing type of assist. However they can be built up to become AoE Ringmasters when they achieve an AoE skill at a certain level.

Builds[edit | edit source]

There are four types of assists that can be found that are the most common, the Full Support, High Stamina, Battle Support, and Hybrid.

Full Support[edit | edit source]

This type of Assist is heavily dependant on fighting in groups. They solo slower than other builds due to low STR although they can handle their own ok 1 on 1. To create a Full Support Assist raise STA up to 30 or 40 and put the rest in INT. The FS is unmatched in healing and buffing other players. Since their buffs have time limits based on their INT they can spend more time healing or fighting when they have to. This build can possibly reach high levels quicker than any other class due to their ability to help out higher level players all the while getting power leveled. All buffs are useful to the Support Assist. Second class job change will be Ringmaster.

High Stamina (AOEr)[edit | edit source]

The high stamina assist maintains a high amount of HP so they can fight more than one creature at a time. Their staple attack is Burst Crack since it has the ability to hit any targets that are around the character. Stam Assists can usually handle up to 10 creatures around their same level at a time HP wise and depending on the level of Burst Crack they can defeat them fairly quickly. To make a high STA Assist you can go in either one of two ways, bring STR up to around 30 or 40 and the rest in STA, or, put all your points in in STA. Skills that are good for the High Stam Assist are (in order or most to least) Burst Crack, Heap Up, Beef Up, Stonehand, Cats Reflex. Second class job change will be Bill Poster.

There is some controversy over this type of Assist. Since they have the ability to take most if not all of the creatures in a spawn some people hate this type of Assist. This is in part due to some careless players who did in fact take every monster leaving none for anyone else. There are a few things an Assist can do to prevent this like only fighting in spawns where there are few people and leaving one or two monsters alone that are near other players.

Battle Support[edit | edit source]

This is a rare type of build that some argue its effectiveness. This type of Assist can be made several ways. This is just an off of the Full Support build and all of these focus heavily on INT with a secondary focus on STR, STA, or DEX. The reason some like this type of Assist is that their buffs will last, they will be able to solo well, and they can still get plvled easily. This Assist will use all of the Assist skills. Second job change will be Ringmaster



Hybrid[edit | edit source]

The Hybrid Assist is the jack of all trades. They can solo, AOE, and support well but not great. This type of assist can change play style quickly to suit a parties needs. This Assist will make use of all the assist skills. Second class job change Bill Poster.