Flying Dragon

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Flying Dragon
Basic Information
Video Game
This title has been rated T by the ESRB
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
August 311998
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You may remember an old NES title by the name of Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll. Well, after skipping a generation, the developers have come up with an N64 counterpart, plainly titled Flying Dragon. Published in the US by Natsume, Flying Dragon is almost two games in one cartridge. A PlayStation Version Was Planned But it Was Cancelled For Unknown Reasons.

The first game (SD mode) features "chibi" style fighters, the kind that are in the foreground of the box art. They're short, anime-like, have heads bigger than their bodies, the normal. The second mode features tall, more realistic, Virtua Fighter looking versions of the characters. Both modes play similarly (except for the items), thus it's mostly a matter of what you want it to look like you're playing when people are around.

One of the stand-out features of Flying Dragon is it's use of items, which are only available in the mini SD mode. When beating down your opponents, you can sometimes win items. There are over 100 items to collect and use. These items are equippable, giving you power-ups, bonuses, and sometimes even new moves to pull off.

If you're feeling especially mean, you can also work a body part for maximum damage, kind of like WWF Wrestlemania 2000. For example, keep sweep-kicking your enemies leg, and eventually it will have a purple light, indicating that it's weak and injured. From then on, damage will be much higher when hitting that body part.

There is also a wiki for this game and its series.

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