Ford Street Racing

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Ford Street Racing
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Empire Interactive
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[[Ingram Entertainment]][[Category:Ingram Entertainment]]
Xbox, PC, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable
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Ford Street Racing is a game commissioned by Ford for the Xbox, PC, PlayStation 2. It was also to PSP under the name Ford Bold Moves Street Racing, a name later adopted for all other consoles. It was released September 19, 2006 in the United States. It was developed by Razorworks, published by Empire Interactive, and distributed by Ingram Entertainment.

All of the Ford Motor Company's sport cars and trucks (such as Mustang, Probe, GT, GT90, RS200, and F-150 SVT Lightning are included in the game. Tuner vehicles such as the Saleen and Roush are included. 18 cars are categorized into 3 categories such as Classic, Performance and High Performance.

The game features team and solo championship modes. Cars and tracks are unlocked as the player wins the championships. The championships require the player to buy cars and repair them after they've been damaged.

An updated version was released in Australia called, Ford Street Racing: XR Edition, which features extra variants of the Ford Falcon car which are exclusive to Australia.

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