Fossil League: Dino Tournament Championship/Walkthrough

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Fossil League: Dino Tournament Championship

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This is a walkthrough of the game Fossil League: Dino Tournament Championship

Getting started[edit | edit source]

When starting a new file, you will be required to name the main character. The default name is Taiga, but can be changed to anything. This guide will refer to the main character as Taiga

The game starts introducing you to Taiga's father, Dr. Brown, who is a famous dinosaur researcher. Dr. Brown becomes very ill and on his deathbed tells Taiga to retrieve a dinosaur fossil from a drawer nearby. He tells Taiga to keep it with him at all times, and just before he is about to explain the significance of the fossil he passes away.

Two years later you find yourself in the lab of Dr. Smith. The game goes into further detail on things that you encounter in the game that are unfamiliar, like new people, certain terms, etc. This information shows up in the top screen. It is explained that you have to have a Dino Battle License in order to travel to the past so that you will not alter history.

A few months later you again find yourself in Dr. Smith's laboratory on Taiga's 12th birthday, and Taiga receives his Dino Battle License, and states that it is his ultimate dream to win the Fossil League. Yukari, a member of the Time Police, is introduced. Dr. Smith explains that the further back you go into time, the easier the dinosaurs are to tame, so he decides that Taiga should go to the Early Jurassic Period to look for his first dinosaur. There are two periods, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous, and each of those are divided into early, middle, and late. Dr. Smith needs to gather some herbs from the Early Jurassic Period, so he tells Taiga that he will accompany him. Yukari sends Taiga and Dr. Smith to the Early Jurassic Period.

The Jurassic Period[edit | edit source]

Dinosaurs in this area

  • Lesothosaurus (earth)
  • Sordes (wind)
  • Scelidosaurus (earth)

Items in this area

  • 1 Poison Bomb.
  • 1 Warp Device.
  • 5 Dino Food S.
  • 2 Dino Juice S.

Dr. Smith tells explains that he came to gather Jurassic Herbs, plants that restore the HP of dinosaurs. Walk to the left and a scene will start. You will see a small dinosaur known as a Staurikosaurus caught in a leg hold trap. Taiga and Dr. Smith free the Staurikosaurus and mend his wounds. Dr. Smith suggests that Taiga trains the dinosaur, but Taiga says he does not want to, so they go on their way. Follow the path the north west and another scene will occur. It turns out that the Staurikosaurus Taiga and Dr. Smith helped earlier does not want to see them go, so Taiga decides to train it after all. The default name of the Staurikosaurus is Stakk, but change it to whatever you wish. Congratulations, you now have a dinosaur. Continue following the path and you will encounter another dinosaur, a lesothosaurus. Get ready for your first battle.

Don't worry. It's very easy. Dr. Smith gives Taiga 10 small Dino Food, which you can use to restore HP in battle. In the battle, select attack on the bottom screen, and use bite. The lesothosaurus should go down in two hits.

After the battle Dr. Smith explains elements of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs can have any of 5 elemental attributes: fire, earth, wind, water, and none. Fire is effective against earth, earth is effective against wind, wind is effective against water, and water is effective against fire. This may seem a little backwards, but you'll just have to get used to it. Use the types to your advantage. Dinos with no type are affected by all other types equally. They have not effective or vulnerable to any of the types.

Continue along the path, fighting the dinos for experience. When a dinosaur levels up, all of its HP and SP are automatically recovered, so if you are about to level up there really is no need to waste a dino food. As you are continuing along the path, another scene occurs wherein Dr. Smith notices the fossil Taiga's father gave to him before he died and asks him about it. Astonished, Dr. Smith recognizes that the fossil is of Big Mother, from which all mammals descended from. Dr. Smith tells Taiga not to tell anyone about the fossil. A mysterious "Man in Black" hiding behind a rock overhears the conversation and it seems as if the antagonist of the game has been introduced.

As you continue along the path you will come across what appears to be a spinning cube. This is a save point. I would recommend using these whenever you happen to come across them. After saving, keep going west, fighting the dinosaurs for experience. As you may have already noticed, you may encounter more than one dinosaur at one time. You can tell whether or not there is more than one dinosaur by looking at the squares in the top screen. Open the chest you find on the path by going up to it and pressing A. You will find 2 Dino Juice S. These restore SP in battle.

Eventually another scene will occur in which you will encounter another dinosaur, Anchisaurus. A battle will ensue, but it is impossible to win. Do not waste dino food. You are supposed to lose, so just keep attacking until Stakk faints. Anchisaurus joins your team. It's on level 5, which should be a few levels higher than Stakk was. The "Man in Black" makes another appearance but does not do anything other than mumble threats from afar. Keep following the path, going down the mountain and fighting the scelidosauruses along the way. Be sure to snag the chest in the corner of the path for 5 Dino Food S. Also be sure to save at the save point, as a boss battle is coming up.

If you keep going after the save point you will come upon what appears to be a field of flowers. These are actually the Jurassic Herbs Dr. Smith was searching for. However, before you get a chance to pick any, you will be ambushed by three Scelidosauruses.

Mini-boss battle: Scelidosauruses[edit | edit source]

The fight isn't very difficult, just be sure to heal your dino if its HP gets low. Hit them with your strongest attacks and they'll go down in no time.

After the battle don't forget to open the chest behind the herbs to get a Poison Bomb. Go back up the mountain the way you came. Fight the dinos if you wish. Do beware though that if you try to avoid the dinosaurs they'll chase you.

Along the way back Taiga and Dr. Smith notice something sparkling on the path so Taiga picks it up. It is a Warp Device. With the Warp Device they are able to go back to the beginning of the area, saving you the trouble of having to walk the rest of the way.

Back in the Present[edit | edit source]

When you're back, Dr. Smith tells you that your Anchisaurus seems to have been under hypnosis, but that he will be fine, as will Stakk. Suddenly out of nowhere, the "Man in Black" from before teleports onto the screen and tries to steal the Big Mother fossil. Taiga tries to prevent him from teleporting away with it, and it splits into seven pieces. Yukari pops up and tells Taiga not to worry, that she was able to see that the "Man in Black" went to the Early Jurassic Period with a piece of the fossil, and that she will able to detect where the other pieces of the fossil went later, although I'm sure you can probably already guess where they went. Along with her good news, Yukari also has some bad. The Warp Device you found belonged to a secret organization that is planning to destroy all civilization. Technology in this game is amazing, is it not? After more dialogue, Yukari goes with you back to the Early Jurassic Period to go after the "Man in Black."

Return to the Early Jurassic Period[edit | edit source]

Dinosaurs in this area

  • Eoraptor (fire)
  • Ichthyosaurus (water)
  • Stenopterygius (water)
  • Eudimorphodon (wind)
  • Plateosaurus (earth)
  • Heterodontosaurus (earth)
  • Coelophysis (earth)
  • Plesiosaurus (water)

Items in this area

  • 1 Fossil Locator
  • 1 Dino Juice S.
  • 1 Dino Grass

Yukari is able to detect the signals of the secret organization since they time travel illegally. A signal will appear on the map on the top screen, so start walking towards that. By the way, if you want to switch your dinos go to menu->status->swap. However, no matter which dinosaur you have fight, all of them receive the experience, so might as well use your highest level one. Follow the signal to the right, making sure to get the chest kind of hidden to the left in the trees. There is 1 Dino Juice S. inside.

Continue along the path across the beach until a scene occurs. Yukari tells Taiga that she can no longer sense the signal of the "Man in Black" but that they can ask someone at a shop nearby. You will the shopkeeper, a short man with gray hair, near the top of the area. The shopkeeper forces you to buy something from him before he gives you any information. What a nice guy. Dino points are the currency in this game. You get them from battles and chests. Buy a Dino Food since they are the cheapest. You HAVE to buy something here to progress the storyline. He tells you that he told the "Man in Black" that fossils were in the Graveyard, so that is where you will go next.

Keep going along the path. It does not matter which path you take at the fork in the road. Both have the same number of Plateosauruses (which are kind of tough actually). In the next screen Taiga and Yukari talk more. Afterwards, continue up the mountain. Eventually you will come across a save point near the top of the mountain. Use it and keep going, and you will see the "Man in Black"! Battle your way through the plesiosaurs (Stakk's whirl-wind teeth make them easier). They can inflict some status changes on you (blind and confusion), so be wary of that. You should notice the giant Dilophosaurus at the back, with the "Man in Black" standing behind him. Before you go up to it though, go to the left and get the Poison G. R. from the chest. Equip it to a dinosaur. When you feel you are ready, go talk to the Dilophosaurus to initiate a scene. We finally learn that the "Man in Black" is Miura, and the organization of which he is part of is Syndicate X. Get ready for a boss battle.

Boss: Dilophosaurus[edit | edit source]

Miura's Dilophosaurus is VERY strong. It is of the fire elemental, so it will do extra damage to your Anchisaurus. That doesn't matter though. Once again, this is a battle you are not meant to win. At least right now, anyway. After getting slammed by Miura's dino, Yukari pulls you back so you can "regroup." During your huddle Dr. Smith calls, and decides to tell you how to catch dinosaurs. Thanks, Dr. Smith.

How to catch Dinosaurs[edit | edit source]

First weaken the dinosaur, then give it food and it might become your friend. Sounds like Dragon Warrior Monsters if you ask me. There are three types of dinosaurs: carnivores, herbivores, and fish eaters. You have to feed the dinos the right kind of food if you want to befriend them. Carnivores eat Dino Meat, herbivores eat Dino Grass, and fish eaters eat Dino Fish obviously. Check the Dinopedia if you're not sure what kind of food one eats. Dr. Smith gives you a Dino Grass, so you can catch a herbivore. Yukari suggests catching a Plateosaurus. A water dinosaur would be really helpful against Dilophosaurus, but unfortunately they are fish eaters. Go find a Plateosaurus because you have to catch one. Attack it until its icon turns red, then use some Dino Grass. It seems that the lower the HP, the higher the chance you have of the dino becoming your friend. Congratulations, you just caught a dinosaur!

After catching a Plateosaurus, Dr. Smith will call you again and send you a fossil locator to help you find the pieces of the Big Mother fossil. I would suggest leveling some more so your new Plateosaurus will be close to the others level wise, and to make the fight against the Dilophosaurus a lot easier.

Fighting Dilophosaurus[edit | edit source]

Even with a new dinosaur it still be tricky to beat it, since Plateosaurs and Anichisaurs are both Earht type