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Four Door Lemon
Basic Information
Basic Information
Company Type
April 2005
Computer and video game industry
Key People
Simon Barratt
Philip Jones
Edward Addley

Four Door Lemon Ltd is an independent UK games developer and middleware company founded in 2005 by programmers Simon Barratt and Tim Wharton.

Since formation they have worked on over 30 titles of varying scales across all major gaming platforms as well as develop their multi-platform middleware package Lemon Engine which has been licensed out to numerous third party developers.

In 2008 they performed the programming work on Puzzler Collection (NDS/PS2/PSP/Wii/PC), Football Director for the NDS,[1] several educational titles for NDS/Wii/PC and licensed technology for Premier Manager on PS2/PC. Puzzler Collection sales on the DS helped Ubisoft outsell Nintendo on their own platform [2]

Four Door Lemon continue to provide quality work-for-hire and middleware services as well as working on several self-published projects.

Products[edit | edit source]

Four Door Lemon have worked on many projects from work-for-hire for publishers and other developers to full project production and development.

Lemon Engine is a set of middleware libraries and tools developed by Four Door Lemon. The engine was developed for Personal Computer, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, Macintosh and iPhone. The Engine was used for the majority of the company's titles, as well as being licensed out for many external developer and publisher projects and prototypes. Lemon Engine is sold under various license agreements.

Lemon Engine has been used in Puzzler Collection (Ubisoft/Zoo Games), Premier Manager 09 (Zoo), Little Britain: The Video Game (Mastertronic)[3] and Football Director DS.

In 2009 Four Door Lemon released QuizQuizQuiz for the iPhone / iPod Touch which achieved #2 in the French Paid App chart and #4 in the UK Paid App chart in October 2009.

So far in 2010 they have released You Are The Ref, QuizQuizQuiz World Football and also developed audio only game Aurifi with Punk Pie Ltd.

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