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Fox McCloud
Basic Information
Shigeru Miyamoto, Takaya Imamura
Biographical Information
Personal Information
Star Fox (team)

Fox McCloud (フォックス・マクラウド, Fokkusu Makuraudo?) is the star of the Star Fox video game series. He is the current leader of the space mercenary team known as Star Fox, which was founded by his father, James McCloud.

His rival is Wolf O'Donnell of the mean ol' Star Wolf team. He's also obviously supposed to be the love interest of either Krystal, another fox furry, or Prince Tricky, a dinosaur. His voice actor has changed in different games, from Dan Owsen to Mike West to Jim Walker. None of these voice actors are anthopomorphic foxes.

Fox is usually seen in his Arwing. According to Star Fox: Assault, he is not the best Arwing pilot, but more of an all-around fighter. He is also the only one the team sends to drive anything else, like the Landmaster.


Fox in Star Fox: Assault

Super Smash Bros.

Fox was a character in both Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee. In the latter, he is considered to be one of the better characters, due to his nearly unmatched speed in movement and attacks. His special moves are weird for his character though, since they are never done anywhere else, and don't really make sense.

Basic Moves

BBlaster: Takes out a gun and busts some caps in the enemy. Extremely rapid fire, but weak, and will not even make the enemy flinch.
B+ForwardFox Illusion: Fox zooms horizontally in a blink, damaging anyone in the way, and sending them upwards.
B+UpFire Fox: Charges up with fire, then rockets a short distance in whatever direction you aim. Also less susceptible to viruses than Internet Explorer.
B+DownReflector: A Hexagon shaped shield. Will make energy projectiles bounce off, and bounce off anyone directly next to him.