Freaky Creatures

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Freaky Creatures
Basic Information
Video Game
Abandon Interactive Entertainment
Abandon Interactive Entertainment
Digital Download
Keyboard, Mouse
Microsoft Windows, macOS and Mobile Phone
Retail Features
Freaky Creatures
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows and macOS
March 242009
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Freaky Creatures is a fantasy themed massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) from Abandon Interactive Entertainment.

Abandon Interactive is distributing the game with collectible action figures.[1] The customer buys a starter pack with two collectible creatures and a reusable one gigabyte USB flash drive. The USB flash drive contains a code to unlock the game. In the game the player will then be able to play as the creatures they bought.

Features and Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Freaky Creatures features PVP (soon to have PVE) creature battles, online chat, and planets to explore, and more.

Players are able to customize their creatures with extra parts, such as horns, wings, guns, swords, and tails.[2] There are over 3.2 billion possible combinations of customization, and each part has a special effect on game play, such as an element effect, health bonus, opponent part de-activator, and more.

In addition to parts, the player can equip their creatures with powers to help them in battle. Certain powers are stronger and different than others and use different elements, but the creature must be at a high enough level to use a high level power.

The elements and other effects are Ice, Fire, Physical, Electric, and poison. Parts and powers also can add you the creature's HP (health), take away from the opponent's creature, change the creature's defense, and more.

The creature can also be equipped with a pet to aid it in battle. These pets can do ether attact damage on the opponent, or an effect on the creature differing with every pet. The player can choose the pet from a Puff Puff (small fuzzy rabbit-like pet), Purriz (Cat-like pet), Penga (Penguin-like pet), Warto (Frog-like pet), or an Orkal (shark-like pet)and an monket (monkey-fish like pet). The creature can only use the pet when it reaches level 11.

Once their characters are customized, they can use these creatures to fight other players in battle, fish in the lakes found in the lobbies, and more. Combat is a turn-based system that is similar to a rock/paper/scissor game. In this case it’s head/back/right arm/left arm/tail game with the option to use a power, pet attack, and/or creature special ability in each round. Once the battle is finished, the victor will acquire some of the powers and parts owned by the loser and Creature Credits to spend on more in the Creature Club Store found on the website ( The loser does not lose their powers and parts, the victor simply gains some of the same.

While not fighting, players can view their creature’s lair. At the lair, they can play with their creature, decorate the lair, raise pets, and more.[3]

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