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Basic Information
Video Game
Puzzle, Shooter
macOS, Microsoft Windows and Wii
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Frobot is a puzzle/shooting video game developed by Fugazo Inc for WiiWare as well as Windows and Mac OS X. The word "Frobot" is a portmanteau of "'fro" and "robot."

Overview[edit | edit source]

In Single Playa Mode, players control the titular Frobot, a masculine robot who sports an afro and is equipped for combat. Frobot must rescue his five robot girlfriends from their demise upon their kidnapping. Gameplay involves solving puzzles and battling robots to navigate Frobot through levels set in a top-down perspective. In Mulitplaya Mode, up to four players may fight one another as armed robots.[1]

Single Playa Mode[edit | edit source]

Frobot's five super fine girlfriends have been captured! Take down your enemies with energy blasts, missiles, and disco balls of death. Solve physics puzzles with boxes, teleporters, catapults, and moving platforms. Travel across 5 unique environments and battle epic bosses to save your lady bots![1]

Mulit Playa Mode[edit | edit source]

Its last fro standing in this four playa beatdown battle! Choose from an assortment of weapons such as energy blasts, mines, missiles, and grenades. Do battle in 10 unique maps with destructible walls, moving platforms, and teleporters![1]

Development[edit | edit source]

According to the developer, the gameplay could perhaps be summarized if one "imagine[s] if Wii Tanks and The Legend of Zelda had a baby. The baby's name would be Frobot."[1]

Special Powers[edit | edit source]

As Frobot rescues his girlfriends he regains all of his funky powers.

Dynomine A remote mine that can be used to destroy enemies and obstacles.

Robo Hustle A quick dash move.

Stud Missile Destroys most enemies and obstacles.

Heartstopper A shield that deflects all energy blasts. Useful for attacking, defending, and activating generators.

Jive Stalker The disco ball is controlled by the mouse cursor or Wii pointer. Useful for attacking enemies and activating syncopation stations. [1]

Frobot Developer Site[edit | edit source]

For more info on Frobot visit the developer site

References[edit | edit source]