Frogger 3D

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Frogger 3D
Basic Information
Video Game
[[SCE Studio]][[Category:SCE Studio]]
[[Hasbro Interactive]][[Category:Hasbro Interactive]]
Arcade, Action
Keyboard, Joystick
Windows, Sony PlayStation and
ESRB: K-A (Kids to Adults)
Main Credits
Chris Down, Andrei Nadin, Michael S. Glosecki and Ian Saunter
Thomas Dusenberry and David Walls
Andrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold and Peter Murphy
William Bell, Martin Hamilton Kift and Gary Richards
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Frogger 3D (also simply known as Frogger) is a video game remake of the classic 1981 arcade game Frogger. It was developed by SCE Studio and published by Hasbro Interactive in November 1997. The game sports an updated set of graphics rendered in 3D and several new moves.

Like the original game, the player's objective is to explore the map for five small colored frogs; red, blue, green, orange and purple. However unlike the original game the maps are more complex, rather than recycling the same basic layout each time. Each frog must be collected within a certain amount of time or the player will lose a life, and on top of this there are obstacles and traps which must be avoided. There are also one golden frog hidden on each level, and finding every golden frog in the game will unlock an alternate ending sequence. There are a total of 33 levels spread out through 9 different zones, including five levels based on the original arcade version of the game.

The player begins with five lives (three on the PlayStation version). If a player dies, they return to the starting point of the level. Frogger's new abilities include being able to eat flies (which can cause frogger to speed up or become invincible for a short period) and jump upwards onto ledges to take advantage of the 3D perspective.

Frogger 3D was followed by Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge, which builds on the gameplay elements found in this game.

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