From Dusk till Dawn

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From Dusk till Dawn
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Cryo Interactive]][[Category:Cryo Interactive]]
First-person shooter
Keyboard, Mouse
Microsoft Windows
ELSPA: 15+
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From Dusk till Dawn is a first-person shooter based on the From Dusk till Dawn series, released in 2001 (following From Dusk till Dawn) for Windows. It was made by Gamesquad and distributed by Cryo Interactive.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Seth Gecko, one of the two survivors of the movie From Dusk till Dawn, has been condemned to death for the Titty Twister murders. He is now an inmate of the fictional Rising Sun high-security prison, a converted tanker floating off the coast of New Orleans. He has 72 hours to live. Unfortunately, vampires have infiltrated the prison.

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