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I'm too hot to touch!
~ 'Fryguy', Super Mario Advance

Full Name Fryguy
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)(Doki Doki Panic)
Species Fryguy
Affiliation(s) Wart, Koopa Pack
Latest Game Appearance Super Mario Advance (2001)

Fryguy is the boss of World 4 in Super Mario Bros. 2. He is a living ball of fire created by Wart during the frog tyrant's conquest of Subcon.

History[edit | edit source]

Super Mario series[edit | edit source]

Super Mario Bros. 2[edit | edit source]

During the events of Super Mario Bros. 2, Fryguy was stationed in a tall fortress at the end of World 4. Ironically, despite being a living embodiment of flame, World 4 was a land of snow, ice, and arctic oceans. When confronted by Mario and his friends, Fryguy became enraged and spewed fireballs to attack the heroes. Since Fryguy was made of fire, Mario would be damaged if he happened to touch the living embodiment of flame. To defeat Fryguy, Mario had throw Mushroom Blocks at the fire monster. After three hits, Fryguy would be defeated (in a sense). After being destroyed, Fryguy would split into five Mini Fryguys. Before the battle could truly be won, Mario had to "snuff out" these tiny hopping flames as well. ===The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!=== Fryguy, as he appeared in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!Fryguy was a character in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Like many enemies on the show, the fire monster worked for King Koopa, as opposed to Wart (as in the video games). Fryguy did not appear as much as other Super Mario Bros. 2 enemies on the show.

Nintendo Comics System[edit | edit source]

Fryguy also appeared in the Nintendo Comics System's Mario comics. In the comics, there was not one Fryguy, but multiple Fryguys. Also, these Fryguys were not magically created living fireballs; these Fryguys were created when a Toad becomes engulfed in fire or lava. In one comic story, "Duh Stoopid Bomb!", a sole Snifit becomes a super-genius after being exposed to one of Bowser's inventions. This Snifit than performs a coup and takes over Bowser's Castle. After the coup, Bowser is expelled to "Fryguy Kindergarten".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Super Mario Bros. movie, the flamethrowers used by King Koopa and his minions are referred to as "Fryguy Flamethrowers".
  • A Sammer Guy in Super Paper Mario is called Guy Who Fry.

Mini Fryguy[edit | edit source]

A Mini Fryguy. Mini Fryguys were the living remains of Fryguy after the flame monster was destroyed in World 4 of Super Mario Bros. 2. These smaller fire monsters continued the fight in Fryguy's place and attempted to defeat Mario and his friends in combat. To attack, a Mini Fryguy would hop towards Mario, attempting to burn the plumber with its harmful flames. Like Fryguy, Mini Fryguys could be destroyed with Mushroom Blocks. Unfortunately, after a Mini Fryguy was destroyed, the remaining flame monsters would get progressively faster. However, even the speediest Mini Fryguy could not defeat Mario. Ultimately, the five Mini Fryguys were destroyed, and Mario and his friends moved on to World 5.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mini Fryguys bare an uncanny resemblance to Lava Bubble from the Paper Mario games