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Basic Information
Video Game
7th Level
7th Level
Shooter, Science-fiction
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Retail Minimum Specifications
Operating System(s)
Windows 95
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
February 281997
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G-Nome is a mech combat game featuring 4 republics all battling it out on a planet called Ruhelen, 4th planet from the main star of Omicron Reticuli system. There is the Scorp, Darken Republic (Darken), Bendian Mercenary Provisional Republic (Merc) and the Humans' Union Intelligence Agency (UIA). The reason for the war is there is a large amount of minerals and ore buried beneath the surface of the uninhabited planet. War is different in the future as the 4 different republics control different Heavy Armor Weapon Chassis's (HAWKs). These mech like weapons of war are used everywhere in the game. G-Nome's sequel is Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3.

Story[edit | edit source]

The story begins when UIA undercover scientists learn of the Scorp creating a Genetically Engineered Fighting Machine called a G-NOME. They also believe that this G-NOME was once a Human that was genetically altered. This breaks a hundred year old treaty that disallows anybody to experiment on prisoners of war. With that the UIA, controlled by General Allance Wilkins, contacts Joshua Gant and a team of specialists to find the G-NOME and destroy it with the facility that it is kept in.

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Scorp: Neutral to everybody Darken: At War with Merc Merc: At War with Darken UIA: At War with Scorp (Undercover)

The reason of the war between the Darken and Merc are not known.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • General Allance Wilkins: The head of the UIA and outlines each mission.
  • Stephen Kylie: One of Gant's friends. The two of them have campaigned with Ron Pearl and Jack Sheridan together. He is currently in Darken Territory.
  • Dr.Victoria Thane: A scientist that has been in Merc and Scorp territory for awhile and knows the ins and outs of science. She is currently in Merc Territory.
  • Jack Sheridan: Jack used to fight the 3 opposing republics with Gant, Kylie and Pearl. Before the game, he betrayed the 3 of them and shot down Ron Pearl. Though Ron's body was never found, so it could not be confirmed a KIA, so Sheridan was then acquitted. Now back serving with the UIA, in Scorp Territory.
  • Goshua Gant: The main character that you play as. Has a long history of serving for the UIA and has campaigned with Sheridan and Kylie. Gant hates Sheridan, because of his betrayal and loosing Ron Pearl, Gant's best friend.
  • Ron Pearl: Gant's best friend. Missing.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sequel: 7th Level, the creator of G-Nome, was in the progress of making the sequel to the game, however in early development 7th Level merged with Pulse Entertainment. This created a new company that was called P7 Solutions.
  • With the new P7 name they decided to turn their company away from video games and into an integrated solutions company, which then cancelled the game. Later Ion Storm bought the game and the rights and finished the sequel called Dominion. It is an RTS rather than a Mech combat based game.
  • Videos: On the G-Nome CD there is a trailer (not viewable on NT based systems) that shows Dominion how 7th Level was going to design it, before the Pulse merge. However a lot changes were made to the final product with Ion Storm.
  • Out Takes: On the main menu type Ctrl-F1, then type in the message "Dunk It Here" for audio outtakes.(Case Sensitive)