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GTE Interactive Media was founded in 1990 as a unit of GTE. Located in Carlsbad, California, the unit's focus was on developing interactive entertainment products including development and publishing of video games and other entertainment software under the GTE Entertainment brand.[1] The division effectively ceased operations in 1997.[2]

Projects[edit | edit source]

Title Platform Developer Release Date
Time Traveler Hologram Arcade GTE Interactive Media (for SEGA) 1991
M.C. Hammer's Soulfire SEGA Genesis Unknown Unreleased
StreetSports Jammit PC, 3DO, SEGA Genesis, SNES GTE Interactive Media 1994
FX Fighter PC Argonaut 1995
Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge PC Second Vision 1995
Forrest Gump: Artists, Music, and Times PC GTE Interactive Media 1995
NCAA Championship Basketball PC GTE Interactive Media 1995
Tank Girl PC Argonaut Games Unreleased
Dust: A Tale of the Wired West PC Cyberflix 1995
Sea Legends PC Ocean Software May 31, 1996
SkullCracker PC Cyberflix Sep 30, 1996
Timelapse PC GTE Interactive Media Sep 30, 1996
Timelapse MAC GTE Interactive Media Oct 1, 1996
Titanic: Adventure Out of Time PC Cyberflix Oct 31, 1996
FX Fighter Turbo PC Argonaut 1996


References[edit | edit source]

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