Gadget Trial

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Gadget Trial
Cover of the DVD case
Basic Information
Video Game
Kogado Studio, Kuma-san Team
Visual novel, Turn-based Tactics
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Gadget Trial
Technical Information
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
June 232006
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Gadget Trial (ガジェットトライアル Gajetto Toraiaru?) is a Japanese PC game that combines visual novel elements with turn-based strategy gaming. It was developed by KOGADO Studio's Kuma-san Team, and was released in Japan in June 23, 2006. The game is commercially distributed for 8800 yen. Its original language is Japanese, and there are no official translations; however, an unofficial, fan-made English translation patch is available both for the demo and the full version.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Example of the visual novel interface in Gadget Trial. Characters: Izen, the infantry unit (left) and Souka, the air force unit (right).

Gadget Trial takes place sometime in the future, decades after a world war, and focuses on the so-called E-Series, a new generation of military equipment, representing a very high level of technology, developed by the Eastern Treaty Union (ETU) under the codename Project 'Next E'. The E-Series units are effectively human-like cyborgs or bio-computers, constructed from various organic bio-alloys, and they are capable of regeneration and reproduction, similar to bacteria. Also, they can utilize Reinforcement Units, special machinery which extends their functions beyond standard war machines. Furthermore, their artificial brain surpasses humans, calculating mathematical problems in very short times and deciding between numerous options very quickly. However, there are two kinds of the initial prototype: Type Black and Type White. The Black E-Series are purely made for effectiveness, laying importance on machine-like obedience. The White E-Series, in opposition to the Black ones, are programmed with personality, so they act like real humans, showing various emotions and states of mind. The military executive staff decided to have field trials, to prove which design is the better, so mass-producing would start. The player gets the role of a major who has to train and lead a team of Type White E-Series against a group of Type Black units.

Example of a battle scene in Gadget Trial. The bottom list shows all the units and factories on the battlefield.

First, the White team is introduced to the player in a visual novel section. After this, the first trial begins. Between battle sections, there are always visual novel parts, for comic relief and to introduce the next mission. Albeit one-part turn-based strategy and one-part visual novel, the game doesn't contain mature scenes. The similarity to eroge such as Shuffle! is limited to graphic style, dramaturgy and interface. However, there is violence in a non-aggressive and non-gory form while engaging in battles.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Type White team[edit | edit source]

Major Mihara Shitoshi

Mihara is in charge of the Type White team, always trying to act serious and a little bit harsh. He's often amused (in the negative sense of the word) by the overall diversity of the girls' personalities. The player takes the role of him in the game.

Voiced by: Sugita Tomokazu

Colonel Fujimoto 

Fujimoto is the superior officer of Mihara. He's the leader of the home base of the Type White team, and he is close to retirement.

Voiced by: unvoiced

Izen (Model Number EPN-001GF IZEN) 

Pronounced "Aizen". Izen is the infantry and healing unit. Small offensive/defensive force, but she's the only unit capable of infiltration. She is the typical genki girl, acting cheerful and making silly comments.

Voiced by: Hirohashi Ryou

Souka (Model Number EPN-002AF SOUKA) 

Souka is the jet fighter, carrier helicopter, and bomber unit. Good offensive power, very large range of movement. She's overly confident with her airborne superiority, which fuels Yu-ri's and Hisoka's teasing that she's a perfect killing machine.

Voiced by: Shintani Ryouko

Nei (Model Number EPN-000GF NEI) 

Nei is the tank, scout, and APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) unit. Heavy offensive/defensive force, but limited movement range. She's the most respected member of the team, both because her combat power and her refined, feminine personality. Nei acts like an older sister to the rest of the girls.

Voiced by: Itou Shizuka

Mini Nei 

Mini Nei accompanies Nei while she uses one of her Reinforcement Units. Mini Nei looks like Nei super deformed.

Yu-ri (Model Number EPN-003GF YU-RI) 

Yu-ri is the automated artillery and anti-airforce rocket unit. Only capable of powerful long-range attacks, so other nearby units must defend her. She's apparently the youngest-looking member of the team, and her personality fits her lolita image, although sometimes she makes the most ironical and satirical comments towards others.

Voiced by: Morinaga Rika

Hisoka (Model Number EPN-004MF HISOKA) 

Hisoka is the submarine, carrier hovercraft, and warship unit. Good offensive force, but vulnerable if near shore. She's the most cold-headed amongst the five, being an exact opposite to Izen. Hisoka is rather calm, talking about war and killing with a slight smile on her face. She's also the one who doesn't complain about G-force test trainings, but rather endures them silently, reaching a test score far above even Nei's.

Voiced by: Nazuka Kaori

Type Black team[edit | edit source]

Major Wakabayashi Yuuki 

Wakabayashi is the leader of the Type Black team. She acts rather rude and superior to Mihara and his team, believing that her obedient soldiers can easily beat the weirdos of the Type White team. Voiced by: Sango Minako

Black Izen 

A replica of Izen without personality.

Black Souka 

A replica of Souka without personality.

Black Nei 

A replica of Nei without personality.

Black Yu-ri 

A replica of Yu-ri without personality.

Black Hisoka 

A replica of Hisoka without personality.

Music[edit | edit source]

Gadget Trial's opening theme is GoGo Girl!!. On July 21, 2006 Five Records released a collection of songs and background musics, titled ガジェットトライアル PERFECT AUDIOTRACKS (Gadget Trial Perfect Audiotracks) for 2940 yen.

ガジェットトライアル PERFECT AUDIOTRACKS track list[edit | edit source]

1. オープニング「さあこいモンキー野郎ども!」
2. GoGo Girl!!
3. BGM resolution
4. BGM we're on the march
5. CMですよ!(その1)
6. トーク「このゆとり教育世代め!」
7. BGM message
8. BGM quack!
9. CMですよ!(その2)
10. トーク「少佐に聞け!」
11. CMですよ!(その3)
12. BGM DI
13. BGM pitiful me
14. ショートドラマ劇場「百円ショップより愛をこめて」
15. BGM get well soon
16. BGM supersonic
17. BGM ?stimulants
18. CMですよ!(その4)
19. エンドトーク
20. みんなで歌おうGoGo Girl!!(カラオケ)

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