Galaxy Force II

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Galaxy Force II
Basic Information
Video Game
CSK Research Institute
3D Shoot 'em up
Genesis Controller
Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Mega Drive, Genesis and ZX Spectrum
Retail Features
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
August 121991
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Story[edit | edit source]

"In this distant Galaxy exist many systems harbouring life. Trade and communication have arisen between these star systems, as has a great, dark force threataning these distant civilizations. To fight this dark menace the Space Federation was formed, but has met with little success.

The enemy calls itself THE FOURTH EMPIRE and has now attaked JUNOS, jewel of the Galaxy. The JUNOS star system, once so beautiful... is only ashes now. And on these ashes THE FOURTH EMPIRE is building the strongest fortress of all time, from which to complete their conquest of the galaxy.

The Space Federation must end this evil menace! Thus is launched Galaxy Force, to strike a hammer blow against the forces threataning civilization. Fortunately, having done this duty of saving JUNOS people and destroying THE FOURTH EMPIRE, a combatant of Galaxy Force returned to the ship.

JUNOS STAR SYSTEM: The JUNOS star system comprises of five planets, the jewel of the Galaxy is JUNOS, with VELTEOR, MALKLAND, ORTHEA, and ASHUTAR. YOUR AIM You've to fight THE FOURTH EMPIRE through five levels, travelling through space, over land and sea, through caverns, and ultimately destroying the fortress at the end of each level. You will come across many different life forms, as well as the more conventional fighter craft. But their aim is the same - to destroy YOU. Lock-on to the enemy and destroy them with the use of your MISSILES or LASER GUN.

The sixth mission is on the way to THE FOURTH EMPIRE'S fortress, you travel through never ending tunnels, through construction sites, and ultimately to the fortress itself. Destroy this with everything you have."

Gallery[edit | edit source]