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A game movie is a movie which is based on a video game. Whereas video games based on movies are finding themselves moving up from horribly aweful to simply mediocre with the very rare achieving the status commonly referred to as good, movies based on games have most often found themselves hopelessly doomed to achieve anything beyond the horribly aweful mark.

Common belief as to why this is points to many factors. First, many games tend to lack any cohessive narrative. This was especially true in the early days of video games. Second, games that do possess a narrative often simply don't translate well to movies. Last, but not least, many films end up straying so far from the initial concept of what made the game good that in the end the only thing that the movie and the game have in common is their title. Then, of course, there's always Uwe Boll.

Through all of the gloom and doom, however, movies based on video games might be nearing a turning point, due two films in particular. These two movies are the soon to be in theaters Silent Hill, based on the game of the same name, as well as a movie based on the Halo series.

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