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Gamebryo is computer and video game middleware from Numerical Design Limited (NDL). It is the successor to NDL's NetImmerse renderer.

Description[edit | edit source]

Gamebryo is a cross-platform 3D renderer tailored to game development. It supports Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. It is used by a wide variety of game developers to ease development burdens related to 3D graphic rendering engines.

Gamebryo is sometimes called a game engine, but this is incorrect. A game engine usually includes support for many more aspects of a game's architecture than just the 3D rendering. Gamebryo does support some facilities beyond 3D rendering, but 3D rendering is its focus and what it is known for. Also game engines are normally more strict as to what and how things can be included in a game. Gamebryo is much more flexible so that it can be used for a numerous array of game types.

Though it uses a proprietary renderer, Gamebryo does not limit what type of graphics must or can be included in a game. A Gamebryo license comes with full source code so game-specific code can be added where ever a game programmer pleases.

Since it is primarily a graphics renderer, Gamebryo can also be used for serious simulations and has several customers in this arena as well.

NDL offers evaluation kits of Gamebryo which are surprisingly generous. Evaluation packages include the entire Gamebryo engine including all of Gamebryo's tools for art and other asset importing. The only thing they lack are the source code, available only with an active license. Evaluation kits are only distributed to potential customers after an interview by an NDL representative.

Industry support[edit | edit source]

Gamebryo is well respected and used throughout the video game industry. Some of the developers who use NDL's Gamebryo include:

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