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Ganbare Goeman 5

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Cheats[edit | edit source]

Unlimited items or gold[edit | edit source]

Find a location that contains multiple items or gold, such as the first room in Oedo Castle. Then, collect the items, leave the room, and re-enter. Now the items will be available for recollection.

Boss mode[edit | edit source]

Collect all 45 Fortune Dolls to unlock a boss mode selection on the options screen.

Hidden picture[edit | edit source]

Enable the "Boss mode" code, and complete the Boss sequence.

Control Impact[edit | edit source]

When Impact's introduction sequence ends, press the Analog-stick to move his head.

Rumble Pak Bonus[edit | edit source]

Although not an official Rumble Pak game, the Boss levels will support the Rumble Pak.