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Basic Information
Location Information
0.67 Earth Atmospheres
11,703 km
  • Surface Temperature: 1,284 Celsius (global average)

Garan is the innermost planet of the Thal system, which is less than 2.56 million kilometers from its K-class parent star. Temperatures on the sunward side of this tidally locked planet reach more than 2,800 Celsius, boiling away earth and stone. These gases are then carried away by wind from the hottest point to the zone where temperatures are cool enough for the gaseous mixture to recondense, leading to the unusual weather phenomenon of rains of rocks.

Garan remains largely unexploited by commercial interests, as the heat of the star tends to ward off all but well-funded collection ships like the co-called "Inferno-class" that mine eezo near energetic stars. Garan does not appear to have eezo, and its other elements are not worth the setup cost.