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Gauntlet Dark Legacy

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Characters[edit | edit source]

There are 8 normal characters and 9 secret ones. The secret characters are exactly like their normal counterparts, except they have better stats and they look different. The sole exception is Sumner, as he is an extra secret character with maxed-out stats.

Stat notes:

  • Characters always start with a max Health of 500, with the obvious exception of Sumner.
  • Each level increases all stats by 50 and Health by 100.
  • The Class Title at level 99 is always "Legend".
  • Secret characters have the same stats as their base characters, plus 50 points for each stat (excluding Health).

Some Class Titles are different for the secret character; they will be in parentheses after the base character's Class Title.

Warrior (Minotaur)[edit | edit source]

Unlock the Minotaur in the treasure room in the Peak level of the Fire Mountain Realm (the second Realm).

  • Strong In: Strength
  • Weak In: Magic


  • 600 - Strength
  • 300 - Armor
  • 100 - Magic
  • 350 - Speed

Class Titles:

  • Level 10: Fighter (Rogue)
  • Level 20: Mercenary
  • Level 40: Captain
  • Level 60: Champion
  • Level 80: Master (Chieftain)


  • Level 25: Magic turns Junk into Silver.
  • Level 50: Magic turns Junk into Gold.
  • Level 75: Magic heals all players.

Attack Notes:

  • Weapon: Axe
  • Turbo Attack: Plasma Trail
  • Weak Turbo Attack: Fire Arc

Valkyrie (Falconess)[edit | edit source]

Unlock the Falconess in the Dungeon level in the Castle Realm (the third Realm).

  • Strong In: Strength
  • Weak In: Strength, Magic, Speed


  • 300 - Strength
  • 450 - Armor
  • 300 - Magic
  • 300 - Speed

Class Titles:

  • Level 10: Guardian
  • Level 20: Protector
  • Level 40: Defender
  • Level 60: Captain
  • Level 80: Champion


  • Level 25: Magic stops Traps for 10 seconds.
  • Level 50: Magic destroys traps.
  • Level 75: Magic heals other players.

Attack Notes:

  • Weapon: Sword
  • Turbo Attack: Sky Lance
  • Weak Turbo Attack: Multi-Blade Arc

Wizard (Jackal)[edit | edit source]

Unlock the Jackal in the treasure room in the Temple level in the Desert Realm (the sixth Realm).

  • Strong In: Magic
  • Weak In: Armor


  • 250 - Strength
  • 150 - Armor
  • 600 - Magic
  • 350 - Speed

Class Titles:

  • Level 10: Magician
  • Level 20: Mage
  • Level 40: Conjurer
  • Level 60: Spellcaster
  • Level 80: Archmage


  • Level 25: Magic turns poison fruit into normal fruit.
  • Level 50: Magic turns poison meat into normal meat.
  • Level 75: Magic heals other players.

Attack Notes:

  • Weapon: Staff
  • Turbo Attack: Demon Skull
  • Weak Turbo Attack: Rock Shower

Items[edit | edit source]

Keys / Key Rings[edit | edit source]

You need keys to open doors and chests. You can have a maximum of 9 keys.

A key ring can have up to 3 Keys on it. When you pick up a key ring, you only get enough keys to fill up to your maximum. Extra keys remain behind.

Food[edit | edit source]

Food restores your health. In order:

Worth Item
-100 Poison Meat
-50 Poison Fruit
10 pts Cherry
25 pts Apple
50 pts Melon
50 pts Bananas
75 pts Pineapple
100 pts Drumstick
125 pts Ribs
150 pts Steak
200 pts Ham
500 pts Full Meal

Poison barrels exploding near food will poison it. A high-level wizard or sorceress can convert poisoned food back into good food.

Treasure[edit | edit source]

You can use gold to buy items and stat increases in the shop.

Value Treasure
10 gold Pile of Junk
100 gold Pile of Silver
150 gold Pile of Gold
200 gold Chest of Silver
250 gold Chest of Gold
300 gold Chest of Gems
500 gold Barrel of Gold
500 gold Bronze Coin
1000 gold Silver Coin
5000 gold Gold Coin

Junk can be turned into Silver or Gold by high-level warriors and dwarves using magic. Individual coins are only received from defeating bosses.

Potions[edit | edit source]

You can have a maximum of 9 potions.

Potion Colour
Fire Potion Red
Lightning Potion Blue
Acid Potion Green
Light Potion Yellow

Shooting potions causes them to explode. More information can be found in the Magic section.

Power-Ups[edit | edit source]

Name Symbol Effect Notes
Turbo Charge yellow/red flashing "T" Fills up your Turbo Meter. You should use your Turbo up before picking this power-up up.
3-Way Shot circle with 3 arrows Fire a spread of 3 shots at once.
5-Way Shot circle with 5 arrows Fire a spread of 5 shots at once. Extremely rare!
Rapid Fire purple cloud with white sparks Doubles rate of fire.
Speed Boost boot with wings Doubles movement rate and increases rate of fire.
Reflective Shot crooked arrow Shots ricochet off walls.
Levitation pair of wings Float above floor traps for 30 seconds.
Acid Breath green gaseous cloud 5 Acid Breath shots.
Lightning Breath blue spark cloud 5 Lightning Breath shots.
Fire Breath red flame cloud 5 Fire Breath shots.
Light Weapon yellow amulet Light powered shots.
Fire Weapon red amulet Fire powered shots.
Lightning Weapon blue amulet Lightning powered shots.
Acid Weapon green amulet Acid powered shots.
X-Ray Goggles green glasses See inside chests and barrels.
Anti-Death Halo golden halo Drain XP or health from Death.
Gold Invulnerability golden metal cube You are invincible for 10 seconds.
Silver Invulnerability silver metal cube You are invincible for 20 seconds.
Invisibility transparent swirl You are invisible for 30 seconds.
Reflective Shield mirrored shield Reflects enemy shots.
Lightning Shield shield with bolt Lightning zaps enemies at hand-to-hand range.
Fire Wall Shield round shield Fire blasts enemies at hand-to-hand range.
Limited Growth expanding round potion bottle Doubles your size for 15 seconds. This increases the effectiveness of your hand-to-hand and Turbo attacks.
Shrink Enemies shrinking spiral potion bottle Halves the size of the enemies.
Gas Mask brown gas mask Prevents poison gas damage while worn.
Phoenix Familiar golden phoenix Gives you a powerful familiar. If you already have a familiar, this increases its firepower.
Thunder Hammer blue and white warhammer 3 Thunder Hammer shots. This weapon sets up a room-clearing earthquake when used. This will also set off anything even remotely close by, red and green barrels, hidden walls, and so forth.
Super Shot crossbow with a huge yellow arrow 5 Super Shots.
Bomb Trap ticking stuffed pineapple head Explodes and damages all around it, including barrels.
Magic Egg glowing chicken egg Turns you into Pojo the Chicken for about a minute.
Stop Time hourglass Stops time for 30 seconds. This also stops traps.

The Shop[edit | edit source]

In the shop, you can buy various items with your gold:

Cost Type Item Notes
50 food Cherries Two cherries for 20 health.
100 key Key
150 item Levitation
250 food Meat 100 health.
250 magic Magic Potion
300 item Growth
350 item Acid Breath
350 item Lightning Breath
350 item Fire Breath
350 item Acid Amulet
350 item Fire Amulet
350 item Lightning Amulet
350 item Light Amulet
400 item Super Shot
400 item Reflect Shield
425 item Fire Wall Shield
425 item Lightning Shield
450 item Rapid Fire
450 item Phoenix Familiar
500 item Thunder Hammer
550 item 3-Way Shot
600 item Invisibility
600 item Invulnerability
650 item X-Ray Goggles
650 item Gas Mask
750 item Anti Death Halo
1000 stat +10 Strength
1000 stat +10 Speed
1000 stat +10 Armor
1000 stat +10 Magic