Gee Bee

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Gee Bee
Basic Information
Video Game
Namco, Gremlin Industries
Breakout, Pinball
Paddle; 1 button
Retail Features
Gameplay-1-2 Players Alternating.png
Play Information
Main Credits
Tōru Iwatani
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
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Gee Bee is Namco's very first arcade game, released in 1978. It was developed by Tōru Iwatani, who went on to create Pac-Man. It was released in the United States by Gremlin; this version replaces the "NAMCO" letters on the light-up bumpers with Gremlin's distinctive "G" logo.

This is a combination of ball and paddle/pinball-style game where the player bounces a ball into blocks. The goal of the game is to keep the ball from falling to the bottom of the screen for as long as possible and get the high score.

There were two sequels, Bomb Bee and Cutie Q, which were also designed by Iwatani and released in the following year.

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