Gekitotsu Dangan Jidōsha Kessen: Battle Mobile

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Gekitotsu Dangan Jidōsha Kessen: Battle Mobile
Developer(s) Gekitotsu Dangan Jidōsha Kessen: Battle Mobile cover art
Publisher(s) System Sacom[1]
Designer System Sacom[2]
Engine Proprietary
status Status Missing
Release date June 25, 1993 (JP)
Genre Action, Arcade[1]
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer (up to 2 players)
Age rating(s) CERO: n/a (not rated)
Platform(s) Super Famicom[1]
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media 8-megabit cartridge[2]
Input Super Famicom game controller(s)
Requirements Requirements Missing
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Gekitotsu Dangan Jidōsha Kessen: Battle Mobile (激突弾丸自動車決戦バトルモービル?, "Mobile Kessen Battle Bullets Car Crash")[3] is a Super Famicom vertically scrolling automobile action game from System Sacom. The object is to ram into other vehicles and shoot missiles at helicopters. Bosses include trains, eighteen wheelers, and tanks. Scenery include cities, caves, and rural scenery. The player has three lives and two continues. A high score is kept for the driver who destroys the most motorcycles and automobiles.

The storyline is a futuristic romance. In the spring 2029, a man and his wife and celebrating their honeymoon in a rural area. Suddenly, a group of highway bandits chase them in their automobiles and killed the wife. The main character of the story is the widower who survived this honeymoon gone awry. He is seeking revenge one year later in his red sports car. While it cannot fire any weapons, it can deflect a limited amount of enemy bullets and it can ram into other vehicles.

In the easy and normal modes, the game ends on a sour note. However, the complete game can be played out on the hardest difficulty level. Violence in this game is of the fantasy variety and there is no out-of-vehicle combat unlike the Grand Theft Auto series.

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