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Basic Information
Location Information
0.40 Earth Atmospheres
3,842 km

Solar System Entry[edit | edit source]

  • Colony Founded: 658 CE (krogan) 801 CE (turian)

Gellix was given to the krogan after the Rachi Wars, but bitterly contested in the Krogan Rebellions and reconquered by the turians. This left the turians as caretakers to a levo-amino-acid-based world that they could not inhabit themselves but were unwilling to give up.

In cooperation with the Vol Protectorate, the turians attempted to rent the planet out for colonization. Between the high price and a surface littered with unexploded ordnance, however, Gellix found few reputable tenants were penal colonies. To those who know of it today, Gellix is a symbol of tragic waste--an entire garden world nearly forgotten by the galaxy at large.

Note: The player can land here in a Kodiak Shuttle to undertake the mission "Find Ex-Cerberus Scientists".

Codex Entry[edit | edit source]

Gellix, the second planet in the Arrae system, is a marginally habitable world of mountains and ice.

The planet was turned into a human penal colony upon its discovery in 2161, but its prisons shut in 2179 after racking up the worst safety records in the Systems Alliance. Lawsuits are still in the courts.

Shortly after the closure of the prisons, a handful of intergalactic corporations moved in to set up mines, supply depots, and other facilities on the planet.