Genis Sage

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What about the voice of Genis Sage? How did it get so high? I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy.

Genis Sage is a playable character from the Namco RPG, Tales of Symphonia. He is Lloyd's best friend. Despite his young age, he is also a geniUs. Clever name, right? He's got good genes, because his sister, Raine Sage is also a super genius.

While everyone else is off cuttin' foo's with their Katana's and Chakram's, Genis uses a Japanese ball-N-cup toy called a Kendama. But that's okay, he mostly relies on casting insanely powerful magic spells. His high level magic attacks are some of the strongest attacks in the game, outdoing even Sheena's rare spirit summons.

Genis is a half-blood elf. Because of this, he & Raine are sensitive to discrimination. Their mother is something of a nutjob who nurtures some item, thinking it's still baby Raine, when they were left in Sylvarant as children long ago. They are originally from an Elven village in Tethe'alla.