German Truck Simulator

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German Truck Simulator
Basic Information
Video Game
[[SCS Software]][[Category:SCS Software]]
Simulation game
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German Truck Simulator is a truck simulation game created by SCS Software, using OpenGL, set in Germany. The game uses the same game engine as its predecessor Euro Truck Simulator. The player can start his career as an employee of a cargo transportation company, work hard to be able to buy his own truck and start his own business. It is possible to purchase garages and setup branch offices across Germany to accommodate own growing truck fleet. The player can upgrade trucks and keep them in top condition for maximum efficiency such as fuel, and condition of the truck. Trucks included are Mercedes Benz (unlicensed), Renault (unlicensed), Volvo (unlicensed), Scania (unlicensed), DAF (unlicensed), Iveco (unlicensed) and MAN. The only licensed truck is MAN. The unlicensed trucks have the same designs as they do in real life. Their logos are different and so are their names. For example, Scania is named SWIFT, Renault is named Runner, Volvo is named Valiant, DAF has the name DAV etc.

The cities included in the game are:

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