Ghenghis Khan

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Story[edit | edit source]

The nomadic tribes of the deserts and steppes north of China, after spending centuries entangled in their own petty turf wars, finally have the hope of unification. Genghis Khan, leader of a tribe that is so small even in the standard of Mongolians, is ready for his conquest of Asia and even the world. Within years, he organized a highly disciplined army pours of horse archers to challenge the dominance of cultured Persia and Eastern Europe, and the technogically advanced empires in China.

Ghenghis Khan 1: The Crucible[edit | edit source]

Lead a platoon of Mongol cavalry around the Asian steppes to unite the tribes of Mongolia under one banner.


  • Naiman (Pink)
  • Ungirrads (Gray)
  • Kereyid (Blue)
  • Tayichi'uds (Green)
  • Uighurs (Cyan)


  • Kara-Khitai (Red) [Mongols]

Ghenghis Khan 2: A Life of Revenge[edit | edit source]

The traitorous Kushluk has fled into the arms of the Khara-Khitai tribe. He must be hunted down and slain before the Mongol Hordes can set off into the world.


  • Khara-Khitai (Red) [Mongols]
  • Kushluk (Green) [Mongols]

Ghenghis Khan 3: Into China[edit | edit source]

The Mongol Horde has decided that before it heads West toward Arabia and Europe it will conquer it's mighty neighbors in China. But first it needs to procure the use of siege technology.


  • Engineers (Blue) [Chinese]
  • Jin (Yellow) [Chinese]
  • Tanguts (Red) [Chinese]
  • Hsi Hsia (Green) [Chinese]
  • Sung (Cyan) [Chinese]

Ghenghis Khan 4: The Horde Rides West[edit | edit source]

Ghenghis and his army have arrived at the gates of the Khwarazm empire. The plan is to assassinate its Shah before launching an all out assault. Meanwhile in the north lead Mongol general Subotai is preparing an attack on the people of Russia.


  • Merkid Tribe (Green) [Mongols]
  • Russians (Red) [Goths]
  • Khwarazm (Yellow) [Persians]

Ghenghis Khan 5: The Promise[edit | edit source]

Though Ghenghis has passed away his son Ogedai continues leading the horde in his honor. The next target is Europe.


  • Poland (Blue) [Goths]
  • Bohemians (Green) [Teutons]
  • Germans (Red) [Teutons]

Ghenghis Khan 6: Pax Mongolia[edit | edit source]

The final nation standing between the Mongols and the conquest of Europe is that of Hungary. Ogedai's forces must hold off the Hungarians until Subotai's reinforcements arrive.


  • Hungary (Pink) [Teutons]