Global Conflicts: Latin America

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Global Conflicts: Latin America
Basic Information
Video Game
Serious Games Interactive
Gamers GateManifesto Games & Macgamestore
Adventure, RPG
Digital DownloadCD-ROM
macOS and Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Technical Information
Main Credits
Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, Nick Price & Alex Uth
European Union European Release Date(s)
October 232008
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Global Conflicts: Latin America is a serious game. It was developed by Serious Games Interactive for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Global Conflicts: Latin America lets players explore key problems in Latin American countries. The Latin American region is one of the most turbulent, violent, and poverty-striken places in the world, yet we rarely hear anything about the nations that struggle with the remnants of paramilitary rule, extreme poverty, and exploitation of the population. In a region where politicians and police are feared rather than trusted, desperation runs rampant and all too often the results are terrible. In GC:LA, players assume the role of an investigative journalist on assignment in Bolivia, Guatemala, and Mexico where human rights violations, debt slavery, corruption, trafficking of humans, and pollution threaten the existence of untold numbers of people. Players will experience situations taken form real life and develop an understanding of the conditions under which millions live. The goal of the game is to gather information to be used in confrontational interviews with people central to the conflict. When they are done, players will be given a rating so they might see how well they have done in gathering information and used this to push people to get confessions for their article.

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