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Basic Information
Video Game
Interactive Studios
Hasbro Interactive
3D Platform
Nintendo 64, PlayStation and Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
October 311998
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Once upon a time, 3D platformers were plentiful and flooding the market. Glover is one of these games. However, since he is a sentient glove, he plays a little differently. Glover uses balls to defeat enemies, and sometimes travel around. He can dribble them, catch them, throw them, and more. Not only that, Glover's balls come in different shapes & sizes. Bowling balls, rubber balls, hard balls, soft balls, crystal balls - it's all there. These balls have different abilities, whether it's floating, high bouncing, or being able to destroy things. This mechanic prompted IGN to compare it to Marble Madness.

But what would 3D platformers be without their story? Perfectly fine because the stories are usually useless. But in Glover, you were once one of two magical gloves. The other is named Cross-Stitch. During an unfortunate accident involving a wizard, a potion, and a crystal ball, there's an explosion, sending both magical gloves in two directions. Our hero Glover falls outside, but Cross-Stitch lands in the suspiciously placed "Evil Potion". Why even brew that up anyway?

The important Crystal Ball is also sent flying, and is turned into rubber balls to avoid shattering, and spread across the land. It's all in Glover's hands to retrieve them.

A sequel entitled Glover 2 was planned but eventually cancelled.