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GoldenEye: Source
Basic Information
Video Game
Team Goldeneye: Source
First-person shooter
Technical Information
Beta 4: February 19, 2010
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GoldenEye: Source is a total conversion mod in development using Valve's Source engine. GoldenEye: Source is a multi-player-only remake of the award winning 1997 Nintendo 64 video game, GoldenEye 007, itself based on the James Bond film of the same name.

The first alpha release was distributed on December 25, 2005, receiving more than 65,000 downloads in 2 weeks. The first Beta release of GoldenEye: Source was released on December 26, 2006, with an unofficial patch created by a developer released a year later. The patch fixed some of the bugs present in the first beta version, but was not officially supported by the development team with support only available from a topic in the GoldenEye: Source forum[1]. Beta 3, was released on February 7, 2009 after a complete overhaul of the mod's code for the Orange Box version of the Source Engine. The current version, Beta 4, was released on Feb 18th, 2010, and included several new features such as "Rolling Explosions" (physics-defying explosions lasting four seconds), new explosive-based weapons such as the rocket launcher and grenade launcher, a complete set of character animations replacing the default Half-Life 2 Deathmatch animations, a move from the Lua Scripting Language to Python for gamemode programming, a custom-written ingame MP3 player, and a gunbarrel intro video reminiscent to that of the original GoldenEye 64, just to name a few.

The mod received two awards in the 2006 Moddb awards, a win in Editor's Choice[2] for the Reinvention category, and was player-voted 3rd place in the overall category Mod of the year[3], rising from their fourth placed finish in the unreleased category of the 2005 awards.

Many current players of the mod have expressed a rising interest in a single-player campaign based on the original game. Though to date the developer team is quite focused on the multiplayer aspect, a couple have stated[who?] (in passing) that a remake of the campaign may be a possibility in the very distant future.

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