Golden Axe Warrior

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Golden Axe Warrior
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Master System
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Golden Axe Warrior is a game released for the Sega Master System.

Story[edit | edit source]

The evil giant, Death Adder, has invaded the continents Firewood, Nendoria and Altorulia and killed the royal families. A young hero from Firewood sets out on a quest to destroy Death Adder. To counter the evil magic of Death Adder he has to find the nine crystals of the royal family from Firewood. These crystals warded off Death Adder until the king was betrayed by a minister who sold the crystals to Death Adder. Death Adder has hidden the crystals in nine labyrinths. On his quest the hero visits numerous villages, discovers numerous people hiding from Death Adder. He can learn the Thunder, Earth, Fire and Water magics. He learns that the princess of Firewood is still alive and that he is the son of the king of Altorulia. After finding all nine crystals the hero is able to enter the tenth and final labyrinth where he must find the mythical Golden Axe, the only weapon that can harm Death Adder before facing the giant himself.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

It is similar to that of The Legend Of Zelda in that the player must travel through an overworld in search of various dungeons he must fight through in order to gain useful items as well as the nine crystals necessary for entering the tenth dungeon.