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Golden Gate Killer is an interactive police detective simulation developed and produced by Interworks and released in 1995,[1] and published by Grolier Electronic Publishing Inc. Based mostly on Full Motion Video and photo graphics, the player takes up the role of a San Francisco Police Department detective tasked with clearing up a series of murders.[2]

Marketed as a first-person true-crime murder mystery video game, the player takes the role of San Francisco's newest homicide detective who has teamed up with a real investigator for a partner and guide. A 50-something white male is found floating in the bay near Pier 91, bound and gagged. Using evidence, clues and procedures from the actual case, the player must explore the victim's life, vices and secret passions. Along the way, the player can interact with more than 40 characters from the victim's life as the case takes the detective from the city's posh nightclubs to its deserted piers.[3]

The player's tasks encompass examining crime scenes and securing evidence as well as interrogating witnesses and suspects to uncover the identity of the serial killer.

It is notable that, like many other FMV games of the era, Golden Gate Killer uses Apple's QuickTime technology for its integration of movies and sound, and also comes on a hybrid Windows/Macintosh CD-ROM (i.e. a single disc containing both the Mac and Windows versions of the game).[2]

The game claims to be based on an actual case of the SFPD; however there is little further information to be found about this. In the U.K., the game is marketed under the title "SFPD Case File: The Body in the Bay"[2] Interworks states in their online company profile that the software is used to train detectives and insurance investigators.[1]

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Platforms Supported[edit | edit source]

  • Macintosh
  • Windows
  • Windows 3.x

References[edit | edit source]

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