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Goldie is a video game released for the PlayStation in 2000, and published by the now-defunct company PMidas Interactive. While there is a variety of mini-games targeted for young children, the game has the peculiarity of having more of a cinematic feel, rather than playable portions.

Plot[edit | edit source]

All the animals in the forest of mystery are happy: a small deer is born. It learns to run and to jump quickly. And because it is always merry and friendly, all animals love it. Wuschel, the squirrel is its best friend.

But one evening, when Goldie comes home, nobody is there to wait for it. That has never happened before. Goldie looks everywhere, but its parents are not to be found... Everybody worries about the small deer, but not even Wuschel can cheer it up.

One day an old bear comes into the forest. He has seen a lot of the world. When he tells about a very sad deer, which is a prisoner in an enclosure, Goldie feels that this deer must be its mother...

Reception[edit | edit source]

The animated feature included, like most of the Dingo Pictures ones, released by Midas Interactive and Phoenix Games, has been widely panned for its cheap-looking animation, awkward-sounding English dub, irritating characters, and misplaced music. It's also considered, along with the box art, mainly a rip-off of Disneys's Bambi.