Golly! Ghost!

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Golly! Ghost!
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Golly! Ghost! is an electro-mechanical/video game hybrid released by Namco in 1990.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

There are two mounted guns on the arcade console. The gun on the left is colored blue and is nicknamed "Zip". The gun on the right is red and is nicknamed "Zap". The player(s) use the guns to shoot a specific amount of comical enemy ghosts before time runs out. This is a video ticket/redemption game. Players are rewarded based on their scores with tickets, which emerge from a ghost's mouth painted on the console.

Golly! Ghost! contains four levels of play and is also notable for its use of a three-dimensional diorama over which the actual video ghosts are projected.

Golly! Ghost! 2[edit | edit source]

A sequel to the game, Golly! Ghost! 2, was released in 1991 and was themed around sunken treasure.

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