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Basic Information
Video Game
[[Gonzalo "Gonzo" Suárez]][[Category:Gonzalo "Gonzo" Suárez]]
[[Opera Soft]][[Category:Opera Soft]]
Arcade game, Platform game
Amstrad CPC, DOS, ZX Spectrum and MSX
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Goody is a classic platformer arcade game developed by Gonzalo "Gonzo" Suárez and released in 1987 by the Spanish company Opera Soft.

Description[edit | edit source]

As an experienced thief John Nelson Brainner Stravinsky, known as Goody, has a mission to break into a Spanish bank. Equipped with a ladder Goody explores catacombs and city buildings. Along the way he may collect treasure needed to purchase tools such as dynamite or a drill and to find out the access code to the main vault. There are many objects and enemies, such as remote-control combat helicopters, vipers, gorillas, the policeman Rodríguez, ghosts and the evil Moon who try to stop Goody.

Versions[edit | edit source]

The original game was released for Amstrad CPC, DOS, MSX and ZX Spectrum platforms.

Modern version of the game for Linux platform titled "Goody The Remake" has been released by Coptron Game Studios in 2007. This version brings brand new graphics, music theme and sound effects, but keeps the gameplay and the atmosphere authentic.

There is a Goody version for mobile phones created by eBrain Mobile in 2007. It's called "Goody Returns". This remake use 2.5D graphics and so brings a new dimension in originally two-dimensional Goody world.

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