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Grace Saunders is a video game character, appearing in the Alone in the Dark series. Being an 8-year-old girl, Grace is one of a rarer group of VG protagonists who does not engage in fighting, rather relying on her wits to stay safe.

History[edit | edit source]

Grace Saunders made her first appearance in Jack in the Dark, which was released in December of 1993 to coincide with the release of Alone in the Dark 2. In that game, Grace had to save Santa Claus from a group of vengeful toys. Then in 1994, Grace returned in Alone in the Dark 2, as one of its central characters. Grace is kidnapped by a gang of voodoo-possessed pirates, and Grace is one of the two main reasons for the main character (Edward Carnby) going to Derceto, which is the huge clifftop mansion owned by One-Eyed Jack, who also happens to be the leader of the pirates. Along with the witch Elizabeth Jarret, One Eyed Jack plans to sacrifice Grace so that he and his crew can live forever.

Later on in the game, Carnby is captured and Grace is temporarily free to help Carnby free himself from both of their predicaments. Since Grace is a child, she must move around without being seen, using Home Alone type tricks to evade being captured, just like how Macaulay Culkin had to do this to the two burglars in that classic film. This even prompted someone to call Grace Saunders Grace McCallister on YouTube.