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This is a list of the major characters in the fictional universe of the Guild Wars series of MMORPGs. The members of this list are the principal protagonists and antagonists of each episode of the series, known internally as a campaign.

Common characters[edit | edit source]

These characters appear in all campaigns, and are sometimes referred to as the Heroes of Ascalon.

Brother Mhenlo[edit | edit source]

Mhenlo is a male monk whom players encounter for the first time in Ashford Abbey. He is, for the most part, calm and composed, qualities he learned from his training as a monk in Cantha. He does however have the tendency to deliberate when it comes to taking action, due to the conflicting views of his parents' patron deities (his father was a priest of Dwayna, the goddess of healing, and his mother a priestess of Balthazar, the god of war). Brother Mhenlo is also a former student of Master Togo and Mhenlo is contacted by him when Cantha is in danger from Shiro Tagachi and his Afflicted (as detailed in Guild Wars: Factions). He was born in Serenity Temple, Ascalon and is 22 years old during the events of Guild Wars: Prophecies.

One of the tracks in the official Guild Wars soundtrack, "Mhenlo's Theme" is named after him and it is this theme that plays when players select a monk as their profession on the Guild Wars character selection screen. As another homage to Mhenlo, the portrait used for the monk profession is based on him.

Devona[edit | edit source]

Devona (age 24) is a female warrior whom players encounter for the first time in the village of Ashford. Her father, who died while fighting an Orrian guild when she was only a young girl, was a warrior in one of Ascalon's most influential guilds, Ascalon's Chosen. She dedicated her life to perfecting her skill with the hammer, in the hope of one day becoming a great warrior. The concept of honour is integral to Devona's personality and she would be willing to sacrifice her own life for the safety of her friends.

Cynn[edit | edit source]

Cynn (age 20) is a female elementalist whom players encounter for the first time in Ascalon City before the Searing. She was born into nobility, but lost her parents when her home in the city of Surmia was incinerated by the Charr during the Searing. She was trapped under the rubble of her home for several days until a Charr looting party dug her out (who were promptly killed by the naturally magically talented Cynn). She is hot-tempered and fiercely independent. She is in love with Mhenlo and is overprotective of him.

Aidan[edit | edit source]

Aidan is a male ranger whom players encounter for the first time in an area known as Wizard's Folly. He was born in Borlis Pass on the way from Kryta to Ascalon. His mother died in childbirth, and he was raised by his huntsman father. Due to his upbringing he is adept with the bow and excellent at tracking. Aidan is perhaps the wisest out of the heroes but never feels the need to lecture the party unless absolutely necessary. He is aged 32 years old during the events of Guild Wars: Prophecies.

A track on the official Guild Wars: Prophecies soundtrack, "Aidan's Theme" is named after him and is played when the ranger profession is picked on the Guild Wars character selection screen.

Eve[edit | edit source]

Eve (age: 20) was very gifted as a child, and at the age of 15 was already capable of summoning bone minions. She met the Heroes of Ascalon during the Charr invasion of the Tyrian nations. A group of Charr were chased into the Catacombs by Devona and her friends, towards where Eve was testing out a new animation spell. The Charr thought the lone girl an easy prey, but by the time Aidan tracked the Charr there, there was nothing left but Eve and her undead army. Since then Eve has joined the party of Devona, Aidan, Mhenlo, and Cynn.

Guild Wars Prophecies[edit | edit source]

King Adelbern[edit | edit source]

Adelbern is the king of Ascalon and the father of Prince Rurik. He began his career as a warrior in one of Ascalon's most influential guilds, Ascalon's Chosen. Supported by the people of Ascalon, he led the overthrow of the corrupt prior ruling family. Adelbern was appointed as the new king. Although he has witnessed his kingdom reduced to ruin by the Charr, he is convinced in the ability of the remains of his army to keep the Charr from taking the remains of Ascalon.

Prince Rurik[edit | edit source]

Rurik is the son of Adelbern and heir-apparent to the throne of Ascalon. However, he and his father have conflicting visions of how best to cope with the Charr invasion. Early in the story, this difference of opinions causes an angry confrontation that results in him being banished from his home. The players follow Prince Rurik in his journey across the Northern Shiverpeak mountains in his attempt to escort the refugees of Ascalon to the relative safety of Kryta. Along the journey, Rurik ends up being killed at the hands of Dagnar Stonepate. Players will meet their prince again on Hell's Precipice, the caldera of the volcano. He is brought back to life by the Lich, and players must kill him again to give him peace after death. Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes. One of the tracks on the official soundtrack for Guild Wars: Prophecies, "Prince Rurik's Theme" is named after him

Vizier Khilbron[edit | edit source]

Khilbron is the former Vizier to the King of Orr, and the sole survivor of the destruction of Orr. In a desperate attempt to defend Orr from the Charr invasion, he calls upon ancient magics that trigger a cataclysm, destroying the Orrian kingdom. He assists the player in various parts of the story, although his real goals and motives are not entirely known until later.

The Undead Lich is Khilbron's true form. He works to achieve his goals by manipulating and deceiving others into unknowingly doing his bidding. He is eventually revealed to be the Flameseeker, the powerful foe prophesied by an ancient dragon to release powerful and evil creatures from their long imprisonment, then to control them himself in order to conquer all of Tyria. He is responsible for the undead that wander in the lands of Tyria and is the principal antagonist of the Prophecies Campaign.

In Nightfall, players will encounter the Undead Lich again and discover that he is a servant of the fallen god Abaddon.

Guild Wars Factions[edit | edit source]

Master Togo[edit | edit source]

Togo is the half-brother of Kisu and the master of Shing Jea Monastery. He was a former teacher of Brother Mhenlo. He leads the players on their quest to defeat Shiro Tagachi and end the Canthan plague, but doesn't see it to the end as he is killed by Shiro. After his death, however, his spirit replaces Kaolai in Tahnnakai Temple as the greatest Ritualist hero of Cantha, where he continues to offer his wisdom to young heroes who come to him.

Shiro Tagachi[edit | edit source]

Shiro was the former bodyguard of Emperor Angsiyan of Cantha. At the urgent behest of a demon disguised as a fortune feller, he murdered Emperor Angsiyan at the Harvest Ceremony 200 years prior to the present day. He was slain in turn by the assassin Vizu, The Luxon champion Archemorus, and the Kurzick champion Viktor. His death wail triggered the Jade Wind that turned the forests to Stone and the Sea to Jade. In the present day he has returned to Cantha as an Envoy of the Mists and hopes to become mortal again. Defeating Shiro is the primary mission of players in the Factions campaign. It is revealed in the Nightfall Campaign that Shiro was actually an agent of the fallen god Abaddon.

Guild Wars Nightfall[edit | edit source]

Warmarshal Varesh Ossa[edit | edit source]

Varesh is the leader of the people of Kourna, and a direct descendant of Turai Ossa. She is held in high regard by most Elonians. She is depicted on the collector's edition box for Guild Wars Nightfall. She is a major antagonist throughout the storyline and works to summon Abaddon, the fallen god, and bring about Nightfall. It is assumed that Varesh is not her former self in this ambition, but rather a possessed puppet.

Kormir[edit | edit source]

Kormir is the chosen Spearmarshal of the Sunspears. She is the cause of the events during Nightfall, but she aids the players to overcome Varesh and Abaddon. She was supposedly killed during a disastrous mission against Varesh's fortress when Varesh summons the forces of Abaddon against the Sunspears. But she was in-fact imprisoned. She becomes "The Goddess of Truth" when Abaddon is defeated.

Abaddon[edit | edit source]

Abaddon was a former member of the pantheon, the god of knowledge and water, but is now exiled to the Realm of Torment by the five other Old Gods. He desires to return and bring about the Nightfall in Guild Wars Nightfall. The Margonites, an ancient race of transformed humans, worship Abaddon and function as his army.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North[edit | edit source]

Ogden Stonehealer[edit | edit source]

Ogden is a Dwarf whose talent with healing surfaced early in life, marking him as a chosen of the Great Dwarf from a young age. As a child, he had the uncommon ability to cheer his fellow Dwarves with simple things; a healing hand to those in need, a kind word to ease suffering. He was a boon to his family and a blessing to his friends. yet as he grew older, the very gift that set him apart became a burden to the young Dwarf. Empathy can be terrible, and is a cruel thing on the battlefield. Ogden has retreated into himself, hiding within a shell of determination as strong as mountain rock. Ogden Stonehealer becomes a healer hero and fights alongside you and your party.

Gwen[edit | edit source]

Gwen is a little girl first encountered just outside Ascalon City, playing among the flowers. She disappears after the Searing, however there are several clues littered around the game that point to the possibility of her survival. Several years later, Gwen is encountered again at the Eye of the North, where she has become a Mesmer and is now second in command of the Ebon Vanguard. It is also revealed that she had been held prisoner by the Charr and joined the Vanguard after Langmar rescued her; as a result, Gwen now hates and fears the Charr and takes great pleasure in killing them slowly and painfully, and although her experiences with Pyre Fierceshot allow her to conquer her fear of the Charr, she still hates them just as much as ever. ArenaNet has announced a bonus mission pack for players, part of which will go into more detail about what happened to Gwen during and after the Searing, and before players meet her again at the Eye. Through eye of the north she becomes a hero and fights alongside you and your party.

Vekk[edit | edit source]

Vekk is an eager young Asura, a highly intelligent race that lives underground in the Depths of Tyria. He and his people have been driven to the surface by the Destroyers, and Vekk is both curious and interested by this new development. Vekk has also found himself working with the Dwarves to maintain a network of magical gateways that stretch under Tyria. Although he may not seem daring or even particularly outgoing, his clever mind and agile fingers can create amazing magical items and explosive assistance when his companions are in need. If you can overlook his grouchy and slightly condescending nature... he's actually a very good friend. Vekk becomes an elementalist hero and fights alongside you and your party.

Jora[edit | edit source]

Jora is a younger Norn, beset by tragedy. Like most of her generation, she has been seeking to establish her name and reputation. Only hunters of the greatest prey are considered worthy among her people, and as such she and her brother Svanir trekked through the icy uplands and valleys seeking the most challenging prey. On one of their hunts, Jora and her brother encountered a great, dark power and were transformed by it. She lost her Nornish ability to shapeshift into bear form, while her brother suffered a darker fate. Now, without a family or homestead, she hunts across the Norn lands of the Far Shiverpeaks seeking redemption of her name and forgiveness by the Bear Spirit. To achieve her goals, she will undergo any ritual, complete any quest, and seek any treasure needed. She will even accept the help of any humans.

Pyre Fierceshot[edit | edit source]

Pyre is an outcast, persecuted by the Charr Shamans for daring to speak out against their ways. After his warband killed a Shaman and destroyed a temple, Pyre and his companions fled the ruling Shaman caste. Pyre hates them with a fury that only one raised to worship false gods can understand; he has been betrayed, tricked, and deceived, and he has sworn never to fall under the spell of the Shamans again. Pyre celebrated the demise of the Titans, those whom the Shamans called gods, and now watches with rising anger as the priests continue to deceive his people. At every step, the Shamans seek to tighten their grasp, bringing the Charr once again under their false rule enslaving them to powers who do not deserve respect, much less worship. The cycle of dominance and slavery must be broken and the Charr must be free...

Livia[edit | edit source]

Livia is a human necromancer from Kryta. While the war between the White Mantle and the Shining Blade tears apart her homeland, Livia risks everything to keep her people safe. She joined the Shining Blade to protect them; she killed to defend them. Now freed from the control of the deadly Mursaat, Kryta struggles to survive, its leaders destroyed and its population beset by civil disorder. Tasked by her superiors with finding a way to end the civil war, Livia has traveled into the Depths. She seeks a weapon of power anything that will keep Kryta safe. And she is willing to give her life for it... as well as the lives of those around her

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