Gulnan's Journal (NWN)

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Gulnan's Journal
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Neverwinter Nights

Excerpt[edit | edit source]

The sheep of Cyric fell swiftly. Fools. And to think their pathetic leader Jared was going to smash the altar to keep its power from me. Perhaps I should just kill him. It would quell the last of his followers, although they already seek to appease me. My own sect of snake-worshippers, how amusing! Soon I won't need to cower in the Warrens with their precious Necromantic Force.

It is an interesting device, I will grant Jared that. I have used it to create an army of undead, and I learn more about it each time I link with its power. Its pillar-like appearance disguises how fragile is truly is, and despite its power I must constantly watch that my undead servants don't inadvertently damage it with their clumsy flailing.