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Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna
Gundamkizuna logo.png
Basic Information
Video Game
Namco Bandai, Banpresto
Namco Bandai
Action, First-person Shooter
Retail Features
Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna
Hong Kong Hong Kong Release Date(s)
Arcade machines
April 192008
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Arcade machines
November 72006
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Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna, officially known as Kidō Senshi Gundam: Senjō no Kizuna (機動戦士ガンダム 戦場の絆, Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield), is an arcade game made by Namco Bandai and Banpresto. It is a P.O.D. style arcade game allowing 8-16 players to compete in teams of 4-8 members over a nation wide network. Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna is currently only available in Japan and Hong Kong. It was released in Japan on November 7, 2006, in Hong Kong on April 19, 2008 and in Singapore on August 31, 2009. Namco Bandai have not stated whether they intend to release the game in any other regions.

Gundamkizuna POD inside.jpg

P.O.D.[edit | edit source]

P.O.D stands for Panoramic Optical Display. The PODs are the individual cubicles that you actually play in. They can only seat one, and most arcades won't let a friend observe from inside the POD either. The PODs are fitted with a dual-lever and dual-pedal control system, a 180º projection screen, surround sound, and a headset jack. The seat is adjustable and should be able to fit most tall people. The lights outside the POD give you its current status. A green "In Operation" sign means it's currently being used; don't open the door or disturb the player inside. Two long light strips will be either blue or red indicating the player's faction. Blue is EFSF, Red is Zeon. If the strips are purple, it means the POD is free for use. If the strips are flashing your faction's colour, it means you can join a game about to start in your arcade by inserting your Pilot Card right away.

Basic Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Each session consists of two matches, each 250 seconds long. Dealing damage in-game gives points to the pilot while destroying an enemy mobile suit gives further points depending on what suit was destroyed. More points are awarded for higher valued mobile suits, while if a player is destroyed, some points will be deducted from his/her score. Additionally, pilots receive small boosts of points when allies destroy mobile suits. Bars on the left side of the screen (blue for Earth, red for Zeon) display the overall battle strength of the teams. Destroying an enemy depletes the bar according to the cost of the mobile suit that was destroyed. Additionally, should a team's base (kyoten 拠点) be destroyed, a considerable amount of bar is depleted. If the bar is completely depleted before the end of combat, that side loses and the other wins the match. A draw game occurs if both bars are even at the end of the time limit.

Beginning A Game[edit | edit source]

Gundamkizuna registration.jpg

Since the latest revision, the Pilot Card has been replace with the general use Banapassport. Data from the old Pilot Cards can be transferred via the Pilot Terminal. Like the Pilot Card, the Banapassport stores all of your personal data. Unlike the previous versions, the latest update to the game has allowed for guest play access for those who do not have a Banapassport. However, guest play gives limited access to mobile suits and maps, and personal information such as pilot level and rank will not be stored. Also, the first tutorial launch map has changed from 'Side 7' to the 'Australia Training Base', and the computer will group novice players with other beginners in the tutorial if possible.

Pilot Terminal[edit | edit source]

Gundamkizuna pilotterminal.jpg

You will have to update your Pilot card at the end of the game at the Pilot Terminal. It also allows you to check your current MS e.g., remaining exp to next level, usage percentage and available equipments.

Pilot Card[edit | edit source]

A card that you must have in order to start the game. It records your Location, Nick, Rank, Pilot Points and the number of MS kills.

Network Play[edit | edit source]

Gundamkizuna controls.jpg

Glossary[edit | edit source]

    • (noun) soldiers, esp. infantrymen, who run the greatest risk of being wounded or killed in warfare. (Cheers, fodder boy)

Factions[edit | edit source]

E.F.S.F.[edit | edit source]

Earth Federation Space Force, the only side that allow you to pilot Gundam. But take note of the cost of Gundam. 

Zeon[edit | edit source]

Principality Of ZEON has MS advantage against the Federation even they did not have Gundam in their MS list. MS like Gyan have the speed of Gundam RX-78 and it's easy to get and cost less compare to Gundam in Federation.

Pilot Creation[edit | edit source]

Pilot creation starts when you want to make the Pilot Card. During the creation of the Pilot Card, you will be prompted to choose the voice of the pilot (this voice will be the one that you'll hear when you use the macro chat function in game), the pilot suit (basically the helmet style of the suit not the actual suit itself) and your name.

Mobile Suits[edit | edit source]

Unlocking Mobile Suits[edit | edit source]

Each battle rank you receive will give you Experience Points, used to unlock new MS. These experience points are different to the points earned for piloting individual MS to advance levels. The higher the rank, the more points you receive. Unlike MS pilot/leveling points and rank advancement points, the only way to track MS rank points is through subscribing to the game cell phone website and checking your pilot information details.

The Experience tree is as follows:

  • E/D/C rank: +1
  • B rank: +1.2
  • A Rank: +1.6
  • S rank: +2.0

Melee[edit | edit source]

  • Acguy / Ground Type GM : Gain 6 experience points with Short-range.
  • Gogg / GM Cold Climate Type : Gain 16 experience points with Melee.
  • Gouf / GM Light Armor : Gain 48 experience points with Melee.
  • Gouf Custom / Ez8 : Gain 80 experience points with Melee.
  • Gyan / GM Striker : Be ranked over Private 1st Class, then destroy a Melee MS with Mid-range, Tank or Sniper.
  • Zaku I / --- : Be ranked over Major. Gain 100 experience points each for Melee and Short-range. Then win at least one of the two battles (against human opponents only).
  • --- / Prototype Gundam : Be ranked over Lieutenant and have previously unlocked and completed all Melee MS. Then win at least one of the two battles (against human opponents only).

Short Range[edit | edit source]

  • Zaku II / GM : Default starting Mobile Suit.
  • Dom Tropen / Ground Gundam : Gain 16 Exp points with Short-range.
  • Desert Zaku / GM Command : Gain 48 experience points with Short-range.
  • Gelgoog / --- : Gain 80 experience poitns with Short-range.
  • Zeon Zaku II F2 / EFSF Zaku II F2 : Gain 90 experience points with Short-range.
  • High Mobility Gelgoog* / GM Kai** : Gain 96 experience points with Short-range. (*Must be 2nd Lt. or above. **Must be Private Upper Class or above.)
  • Char's Custom Zaku II / RX-78-2 Gundam : Gain 140 experience points each with Melee, Short-range, Mid-range, as well as 100 experience points each for Tank and Sniper.
  • Char's Custom Z'Gok* / G-3 Gundam** : Be ranked over Lt. Colonel. Win 1 battle and get an S rank. Must have previously unlocked and completed *Char's Custom Zaku II + Z'Gok / **RX-78-2 Gundam + Guncannon.
  • --- / Heavy Gundam : Be ranked over Captain, then gain 120 experience points with Short-range. Must have previously unlocked Full-Armor Gundam. Then win at least one of the two battles (against human opponents only).

Mid Range[edit | edit source]

  • Zaku Cannon / GM Cannon : Use Melee 1 time.
  • Dom / Guncannon : Gain 16 experience points with Mid-range.
  • Z'Gok / Ground Gundam (GM head) : Gain 48 experience points with Mid-range.
  • --- / Aqua GM : Gain 80 experience points with Mid-range.
  • Dom Cannon* / Full-Armour Gundam** : Gain 96 experience points with Mid-range. (*Must be Private Upper Class or above. **Must be 2nd Lt. or above.)
  • Gelgoog Cannon / --- : Be ranked over Lieutenant and have previously unlocked High Mobility Gelgoog and Dom Cannon. Then win at least one of the two battles (against human opponents only).
  • Zeon Gundam GP02A (Beam Bazooka) / EFSF Gundam GP02A (MLRS) : Awarded to any pilot over Colonel via lottery ending July 31, 2008 (Limited campaign release, no longer available).

Tank Types[edit | edit source]

  • Zaku Tank / Guntank : Gain 10 experience points with Mid-range.
  • Zaku Tank V-6 / Mass Production Guntank : Gain 50 experience points with Tank.

Sniper Types[edit | edit source]

  • Zaku I Sniper / GM Sniper Custom : Gain 10 experience points with Tank.
  • Gelgoog G / GM Sniper II : Be ranked over Sergeant and have more than 50 experience points with Zaku I Sniper/GM Sniper Custom, then using Sniper, kill 1+ opponents, win the battle and get S rank.

Levelling-up Mobile Suits[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

All units starts with the basic weapon loadouts. For example, the Zaku II is initially equipped with a 3 round burst machine gun, grenades and a tomahawk. As the player continues using the unit, he gains stat points with it. Accumulating a certain amount of stat points unlocks additional weapons, which can be chosen at the loadout screen. In the aforementioned example, the Zaku II can be additionally equipped with a bazooka, a 6 round burst machine gun and a missile pod.

Mobility/Armor Upgrades[edit | edit source]

All suits can be augmented with mobility or armor upgrades. Generally one starts from -N- (normal), and can be augmented with up to 4 levels of augmentations of each category. Prior to launching, the player can choose 1 upgrade from the list.

Generally a mobility enhanced unit can dash and fly longer, is more agile while has slightly less health. Conversely an armor enhanced unit has more health, but is generally less agile. The amount of stat modification depends on the level of upgrade chosen, and the stats of each individual unit.

Like unlocking weapons, a player receives stat points when he plays with a particular unit, and gaining a certain amount of points unlocks a slot of the upgrade, which can be chosen at the terminal. The "tree" of unlocking weapons and mobility / armor upgrades are the same.

In-game Communication[edit | edit source]

There are two methods of communication between teammates available while playing.

The first is a set of in-game quick-chat options. These pre-set phrases (entered by highlighting and selecting via the control panel- a simple set up consisting of one round blue button and two yellow up and down arrow buttons, found to the right of the right control stick, above the I.C. Card insert), are used to both communicate basic information, ranging from simple greetings or requests, to more advanced orders given to members of the squad to coordinate attacks. In the event that your team consists of any AI controlled members, giving these orders will actually command them to preform specific actions. Otherwise, human members on each team are expected, but not required, to follow orders when given (this is more so the case when playing with other pilots over the nationwide network). Knowing the right time to give certain commands can mean the difference between victory and defeat. See the Chat/Command reference chart below for specific details.

The second is a convenient method of simply talking to the other members of your team via mic-equipped headset (the set up for which is found on the right wall of the P.O.D., directly beside the pilots right elbow, above the coin insert slot). It is a simple interface, consisting of inserts for the headset (pink for microphone, green for headphones) and +/- buttons for volume control. In most arcades, it is common to find headsets provided, but thanks to poor equipment performance (or in some cases, theft of the initial equipment provided with the game), it is recommended that if your are planning on using this communication method, that you bring your own headset with you.

As this option is only available via local area networked games, the requirement is that the other pilots on your team must be present in the same arcade with you. While it is common to find 2, 3 or even 4 pilots playing together on teams at some arcades, in arcades with several linking P.O.D.s, it is possible to have up to 8(?)[verification needed] pilots linked by voice communication. During the pre-launch sequence before each battle, pilots playing on local area networks with teammates are indicated by a colored line behind their pilot number. It is more than likely that these team members will be utilizing linked voice-chat as well.

Chat/Command reference chart[edit | edit source]

(Communication and commands issued to team mates via the console found to the right of the right control stick. CPU controlled team mates will obey orders given via this method). △ ▽ = up and down buttons, O = Start button.

Keys Display
Romaji Tanslation Usage
6△ + O すまない SUMANAI Sorry -Self explanatory (i.e. use when someone asks for support and you are unable to help, of after being destroyed if piloting an expensive MS).
5△ + O ありがとう ARIGATOU Thanks -Self explanatory (i.e. use when a teammate saves you).
4△ + O やったな YATTANA Alright! -Self explanatory (i.e. use when the enemy base is destroyed).
3△ + O よろし YOROSHIKU Greetings -Use it at the beginning of the game to salute the other members on your team. (It is considered impolite not to do so).
2△ + O もどれ MODOREI Pull Back -Ask the team to re-group towards the base (Note: this is not "Retreat"). This command is usually given when your team is winning, in an attempt to minimize further casualties. (If this command is given, you should start thinking about making a retreat back to your base. You will not normally see this if your team is losing).
1△ + O いくぞ IKUZO Let's go -CPU and allies to move toward the enemy base.
O 了解 RYOKAI Roger -Message received.
1▽ + O 応援頼む OUEN TANOMU Assist -Ask for support and fire a signal flare (blue for EFSF, red for Zeon).
2▽ + O ここはまかせろ KOKO WA MAKASERO Leave this to me -Do not interfere (as in "I've got this covered, help out somebody else.")
3▽ + O 後退する KOUTAI SURU Retreat -Used when you are badly damaged and need to return to the base to recover. (Note: you are not ordering the other units to pull back to the base with you with this command.
4▽ + O 拠点を叩く KYOTEN WO TATAKU Attack the base -Used at the beginning of an attack run on the base; if you were to be destroyed, then respawn, and want to attempt an attack the base again, you would use it here also. If someone uses this, the team should do its best to protect that unit.
5▽ + O 回りこむ MAWARI KOMU Head around -Order: Head around the enemy force to flank their position.
6▽ + O 敵機撃破! TEKKI GEKIHA! Enemy Destroyed! -Self explanatory

Stages/Battlefields[edit | edit source]

  • Side 7: Beginning stage for newly recruited pilots. Visual guides are provided in a training room outside of the battlefield area. Only available for training sorties.
  • New Yark: An urban battlefield with buildings, access to highways, bridges, and water. "New Yark (R)" also appears, in which both bases and teams' starting point are reversed.
  • Great Canyon: A canyon area with vertical slopes, platforms, water area, and underground routes. Debuted December 9, 2006.
  • Taklamakan Desert: An open-spaced battlefield with very few obstacles; ideal for snipers and long-range attacks. Debuted February 1, 2007.
  • Jaburo (Above Ground): A jungle area with view-obstructing forest and rivers with underwater access. Debuted April 20, 2007.
  • Jaburo (Underground): An underground complex with many obstacles and multiple routes to each base; includes road and water access. Debuted July 30, 2007.
  • Himalayas: A battlefield set in a snowy mountain region. Access to base is divided by two routes. "Himalayas (R)" also appears, in which both bases and teams' starting point are reversed. Debuted October 29, 2007.
  • Torrington: An Earth Federation base in Australia. Battle is fought inside and outside the four-layer colony remains. Debuted May 1, 2008.
  • Mining Town: An urban area that goes by the alias Asparas base. A pyramid structure and the cylindrical chimneys exist in the battlefield. Debuted July 31, 2008.
  • A Baoa Qu: Zeon space station, situated on an asteroid. Features both interior and exterior battles. While the outside is fairly open, the interior consists of large warehouses connected by a series of tunnels, providing multiple access points to either base. [Note: only Mobile Suits designated for space combat may be sortied]. Debuted December 1, 2008.

Bases/Vehicles/Terrain Features[edit | edit source]

Matches[edit | edit source]

Match Rankings[edit | edit source]

  • S rank: 350+ points, destroy 2+ enemies and not be destroyed at all.
  • A rank: Either (1) earn 350+ points and destroy 1+ enemy and not be destroyed at all, *or* (2) earn 350+ points, destroy 2+ enemies, and be destroyed no more than 1 time.
  • B rank: Earn 200-349 points
  • C rank: Earn 100-199 points
  • D rank: Earn 0-99 points and be destroyed less than 3 times
  • E rank: Either (1) earn 0 to 99 points and be destroyed 4+ times *or* (2) earn 1 point only and be destroyed 3+ times.

These match rankings are no longer correct due to a game update.

Pilot Ranks[edit | edit source]

  • Civilian (民間人 - MINKANJIN): First rank, only used for Side 7.
  • Private 2nd Class (二等兵 - NITOUHEI): Obtained after finishing Side 7.
  • Private 1st Class (一等兵 - ITTOUHEI): Obtained after getting 8000 Pilot points.
  • Private Upper Class (上等兵 - JOUTOUHEI): Obtained after getting 20,000 Pilot points.
  • Corporal (伍長 - GOCHOU): Obtained by getting 22,000 Pilot points AND getting rank C (or above) 10 times in a row.
  • Sergeant (軍曹 - GUNSOU): Obtained by getting C rank (or above) 10 times in a row as Corporal.
  • Sergeant Major (曹長 - SOUCHOU): C rank (or above) 10 times in a row as Sergeant.
  • 2nd Lieutenant (少尉 - SHOUI): C rank (or above) 10 times in a row as Sergeant Major.
  • Lieutenant (中尉 - CHUUI): C rank (or above) 10 times in a row as 2nd Lt.
  • Captain (大尉 - TAII): C rank (or above) 10 times in a row as Lt.
  • Major (少佐 - SHOUSA): B rank (or above) 8 times as Captain, C rank 2 times (2 consecutive C= reset).
  • Lt. Colonel (中佐 - CHUUSA): B rank (or above) 9 times as Major, C rank 1 time.
  • Colonel (大佐 - TAISA): B rank (or above) 10 times in a row as Lt. Colonel.
  • Major General (少将 - SHOUSHOU): B rank (or above) 10 times as Colonel. Monthly Pilot point rankings must be in top 10 (6th-10th place).
  • Lt General (中将 - CHUUJOU): B rank (or above) 10 times as Major General. Monthly Pilot point rankings must be in top 5 (2nd-5th place).
  • General (大将 - TAISHOU): B rank (or above) 10 times as Lt General, at least 1 time must be S rank. Monthly Pilot point rankings must be 1st place.

Pilot Titles[edit | edit source]

Misc. Info[edit | edit source]

the gundam game has been updated recently so most of this info is no longer good but the basic mechanics of the game have not changed and it no longer cost 500 yen to play now its 400 yen or 300 yen depending on where you go, EX: local arcades make gaming cheaper while big places like Akihabra = way to much!


In order to get three or four hit combos you first need to decide which type of moble suite you are going to use. the close range moble suits(they have a red icon in the moble suit selection window) have the unique ability to use a 4 hit combo or higher depending on the type of weapon you use.

the rest of the moble suits (orange/green not including the long range) have the ability to do a 3 hit beam saber combo.

In order for your 3 hit combo to work you need to time your beam saber hits one after another. EX: once you get your target lock on with the beam saber you press the left trigger then DURING the saber hit press your beam trigger button again and the same so on until you use up all your hits.

for the 4 hit combo you need to do the same as the three hit but on the third saber button hit press the machine gun/beam gun trigger located on the right control stick.

timing the hits is important because if you don't you'll only abruptly stop attacking on whichever hit you are on. A good way to get your hits is count the button press every second EX: one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi.

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