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株式会社 ガスト
Basic Information
Company Type
October 1, 1993
Atelier Series
Ar tonelico Series
Computer and video game industry
Key People
Aoyagi Kazuo Representative Director / President

Gust Corporation (株式会社ガスト Kabushiki-gaisha Gasuto?) is a Japanese developer and publisher of game software titles, known for their Atelier and Ar tonelico series.

Company[edit | edit source]

Gust Corporation was founded in 1993 in Nagano, Japan, as the first game software house in Nagano Prefecture. The company began by creating dôjinshi games for personal computers. Its first project was Story of King Ares (アレス王の物語) for the NEC personal computer. In 1994 the company became an official developer for the Sony PlayStation video game console, and its first PlayStation product was the simulation game Falkata (ファルカタ). In 1997, Gust released Atelier Marie, the first game in the long-running, popular, and iconic Atelier series. Since then the company has released several successful games for various home and portable video game systems.

Games[edit | edit source]

Gust games are known for their alchemy and item-crafting systems, distinctive character designs, and traditional or "old-school" graphical and storytelling style. In Japan, Gust has published its own games or cooperated with Banpresto. In North America, Gust games are published by NIS America.

Releases in North America[edit | edit source]

Releases in Japan[edit | edit source]

All games were developed and published by Gust unless otherwise noted. Some games have many versions on different systems; only the first release is listed here.

  • Atelier series
    • Salburg series
      • Atelier Marie ~The Alchemist of Salburg~ (マリーのアトリエ ~ザールブルグの錬金術士~) - PlayStation, 05/23/1997
      • Atelier Elie ~The Alchemist of Salburg 2~ (エリーのアトリエ ~ザールブルグの錬金術士2~) - PlayStation, 12/17/1998
      • Atelier Lilie ~The Alchemist of Salburg 3~ (リリーのアトリエ ~ザールブルグの錬金術士3~) - PlayStation 2, 06/21/2001
      • Atelier Marie & Elie ~The Alchemists of Salburg 1 & 2~ (マリー&エリーのアトリエ ~ザールブルグの錬金術士1・2~) - Dreamcast, 11/15/2001
      • Hermina and Culus ~Atelier Lilie Another Story~ (ヘルミーナとクルス) - PlayStation 2, 12/20/2001
      • Atelier Marie, Elie, & Anis ~Message on the Breeze~ (マリー・エリー&アニスのアトリエ ~そよ風からの伝言~) (published by Banpresto) - Game Boy Advance, 01/24/2003
    • Gramnad series
      • Atelier Judie ~The Alchemist of Gramnad~ (ユーディーのアトリエ ~グラムナートの錬金術士~) - PlayStation 2, 06/27/2002
      • Atelier Viorate ~The Alchemist of Gramnad 2~ (ヴィオラートのアトリエ ~グラムナートの錬金術士2~) - PlayStation 2, 06/26/2003
    • Atelier Iris series
    • Mana-Khemia series
    • DS Atelier series
      • Atelier Lise ~The Alchemist of Ordre~ (リーズのアトリエ ~オルドールの錬金術士~) - Nintendo DS, 04/19/2007
      • Atelier Annie ~The Alchemist of Sera Island~ (アニーのアトリエ 〜セラ島の錬金術士〜) - Nintendo DS, 03/12/2009
      • Atelier Lina ~The Alchemist of Strahl~ (リーナのアトリエ 〜シュトラールの錬金術士〜) - Nintendo DS, 12/22/2009
    • Arland series
      • Atelier Rorona ~The Alchemist of Arland~ (ロロナのアトリエ ~アーランドの錬金術士~) - PlayStation 3, 06/25/2009
      • Atelier Totori ~The Alchemist of Arland 2~ (トトリのアトリエ ~アーランドの錬金術士 2~) - PlayStation 3, 06/24/2010
  • Ar tonelico series
  • Others
    • Falcata ~Asutoran Pâdoma no Monshou~ (ファルカタ ~アストラン・パードマの紋章~)
    • Mêrupurâna (メールプラーナ)
    • Welcome House (ウエルカムハウス)
    • Welcome House 2 (ウエルカムハウス2)
    • Noir Yeux Noire -Cielgris Fantasm- (黒い瞳のノア)
    • Karyuujou (火竜娘)
    • Robin Lloyd no Bouken (ロビン・ロイドの冒険)
    • Taishou Mononoke Ibunroku (大正もののけ異聞録)
    • Hresvelgr (フレースヴェルグ)

Other media[edit | edit source]

Gust sells various licensed goods from their web site, such as anime, manga, music CDs, and drama CDs.[edit | edit source]

Gust maintains an extensive official fan-oriented web site, featuring game information, news, contests, write-in columns, employee journals, fan-participation campaigns, mini-games, and shopping.

Logos[edit | edit source]

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