H-Craft Championship

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H-Craft Championship
H-Craft Championship logo
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Akella (Russian version)]][[Category:Akella (Russian version)]]
Racing game
Digital Download (English)
CD-ROM (Russian)
Keyboard, Mouse
Windows and Linux
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H-Craft Championship is a science fiction racing game developed by independent game studio Irrgheist. A Russian version of the game was later released by Akella.[2]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game features various hovercraft which race on superhighways in the sky, meaning that an important part of the game involves staying on track and not falling to the ground.[3] It features several different games modes: "Championship" acts as the singe-player campaign, while "Rival " allows for multiplayer games with up to four players in sequence.[4][5][6] In addition it also features "Arcade" and "Time attack" game modes.[7]

Reception[edit | edit source]

Although not widely known, what reviews there are for the game are generally positive. Play This Thing praised the games graphics, stating they were an impressive accomplishment for an independent game.[8] AllForLinux included it in its list of top Linux games,[9] and LinuxLinks included it as part of their list of "42 of the Best Commercial Linux Games".[10] It also holds a four out of five star rating at The Linux Game Tome[11]

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