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Half-Life 2/Walkthrough

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Half-Life 2

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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough

This page has a collection of walkthroughs on Half-Life 2.

PC[edit | edit source]

PC - Easy Mode[edit | edit source]

PC - Medium Mode[edit | edit source]

PC - Difficult Mode[edit | edit source]

PC - Expert Mode[edit | edit source]

What is Expert Mode?

Expert Mode is playing Half-Life 2 on Difficult Mode without losing any health or suit.

Can I truly achieve this?

The player reading this manual will first ask "Can I truly achieve this feat?" and to respond "yes". Currently we have tested this theory and have gotten to the end of "Highway 17" (we had thought that the player could hide in a tall building {not going to give away any spoilers}, but the bot that would allow the player to move onto the next chapter died, and we had deleted all saves and were not about to cheat).

If at anytime the player loses health, he/she should quick load, and try to get into a habit of it.

Xbox and Xbox360 (Orange Box)[edit | edit source]

Xbox - Easy Mode[edit | edit source]

Xbox - Medium Mode[edit | edit source]

Xbox - Difficult Mode[edit | edit source]

Xbox - Expert Mode[edit | edit source]

This difficulty level was proven on 05/07/2008 at 03:00 GMT-06:00 with a gametime of 12hr 16min and an estimated playing time of 49hr.


  • Change "the player" to personal pronouns, they are appropriate for walkthroughs, not on base pages.
  • Take out any "to be" verbs without losing content.
  • This guide has no Lambada points in it.
  • This guide has no Achievements.
  • Add all G-man sitings.

If you have any trouble with this manual please contact -PatPeter.

Half-Life 2: Suit

Kleiner 25
Cambot (if it takes a picture it will not drop it) 40
Beating soldier 47
Lambada power-up 62
Staircase power-up 77
Box 92
Loose power-up 100


Kleiner 25
Cambot (if it takes a picture it will not drop it) 40
Beating soldier 47
Cambot 62
Lambada power-up 77
Staircase power-up 92
Box 100

Point Insertion[edit | edit source]

When playing at this high a difficulty we assume that the player has played the game before.

Proceed throughout the level without having a civil protection unit hitting you and do not fall (you will hear the cracking sound), if either of these happen the player must reload to the last save point. When cornered by civil protection before Alyx's rescue CPs will hit the player twice. These hits are the only hits the player will take throughout the entire game.

"A Red Letter Day"[edit | edit source]

Route Kanal[edit | edit source]

Water Hazard[edit | edit source]

This section will be described in snippets because we have only just started it.

Missing Sections[edit | edit source]

Missing sections from the beginning of the level.

"I can't jump this!"[edit | edit source]

Unlike the PC version of the game, when two Combine soldiers set the overturned truck on fire it becomes almost impossible to jump. Let us take a few steps back. To avoid the armored car you must weave left and right and make a sharp turn up and to the right so that the airboat is facing wood poles. If you are at the correct pole then you should be able to see and shoot a Combine soldier if you go to the left of it. After killing this soldier (save if you do not want to reload after losing health from the second if you do), move out from the pole to the right still facing the poles and kill the second Combine. Not only have you stopped them from shooting at you in the jump but they cannot set the truck on fire. Good? You would hope so. Go up to the truck. Taking damage? The fire now exists invisibly. You can try to make the jump on the right with the airboat but that will do you no good, as you are not playing this on the PC. Take your airboat over to the ramp and position it on the ramp facing the tunnels. After doing this quickly move away, while turning around to view the missiles coming at you. If you can see them you can easily avoid them by moving left and right. Once you leave their line of sight save the game back near the poles. Hopefully you saved the SMG grenades like you should have, because without them you cannot pass this level. Fire a grenade at the backside of the airboat (far enough away so that you will not lose health or suit from the blast) and while the airboat is airborne fire a grenade at it again to get it over. Now during all of this you have to once again turn around and dodge missiles while getting over to the poles. Go to the end of the line of poles where the head of the truck is. Hug the wall and walk straight forward. You should lose no health in the process and your airboat waits for you on the other side.

Machine Gun over a Tunnel[edit | edit source]

This part has proven itself as one of the hardest points in the game to surpass. The player will see an armored car with two Combine soldiers below it. The player should have full if not close to full ammo of his/her pistol, and will have to point the pistol at the Combine soldiers until the crosshairs turn orange. The player will then have to shoot very slowly, waiting for the pistol to realign for each shot, otherwise the player will run out of bullets. This will take anywhere from 4-32 shots. If the player does not kill one soldier in 32 shots he/she should reload. After killing both soldiers the rest is a matter of luck. Supposedly (and the player will have to do this again in a few more sections), if the player "crashes" into the left side of the left tunnel at an angle after dodging the machine gun that that is the best route (we also did this for the above mentioned section).

"Why can't I just jump up there?"[edit | edit source]

Now that the player has come out of the tunnel he/she should rear to the right where the game intends for the player to go. The player should break the lock with the crowbar and walk in. Afterwards pick up the magnum which will trigger three Combine soldiers to come and attack you. Automatically duck behind the table, take out your SMG, and start shooting at their heads. This might take a couple tries. Now collect their ammo and whatever you do do not destroy the supply crates. Take everything in that room outside, go to the right, and find where the end of the pathway leading away from the watergate opener is (you would be coming that way if you played this part the way it is meant to be played). Stack the barrels at the bottom with the third on the top and to the right, then put a crate on the other one, the chain on the two barrels, and when you are ready (as they will float away), put the crate and the cardboard box at the bottom to the left and hop on all three parts. This takes a few tries but you will eventually get up there, you will have to reload if you break anything. Climb up the ladder and kill the Combine on the right first with a shot in the head (easy shot), and then turn to the left and shoot the other. Flip the switch, get back in your airboat, and there you go.

Trapped Between a Rock and a Hard Place[edit | edit source]

Drive forward as fast as possible and duck under the docks. Hug the wall and you should be able to clear the smoke stack. Then turn right and go towards the armored car. You will have to zig zag to avoid the missiles, and try crashing to the left (as mentioned above), to avoid the machine gun.

Puzzle and Heavy Weapons[edit | edit source]

If you walk into the visibly dead end tunnel on foot a zombie will jump up from the board and attack you. As always kill the zombie with your crowbar. There should be a ladder to your left and behind you. Climb it, jump down onto the top of the tunnel, go across the bridge, jump down on the uprising and push the oven over the edge into the elevator. Pull the switch and go off the ramp, them make your way to the station where you will have your gun attached.

"I like a little Irony" and Trapped!!![edit | edit source]

Now that you have the MG pass the barnacles and go slowly down the tunnel. Once you see the copper shoot it as soon as you can before it can shoot you.

After you kill the chopper Combine soldiers use watergates to lock you in an area, make a sharp right and then a sharp left and you can escape quickly, or you can fight, whichever one causes no damage. If you want to kill all the Combine and stockpile on resources then go in the area slowly and proceed up the ramp to your right backwards. When doing this go a little to your right (what would be the sharp left turn), and three Combine should come out the door. Kill them and quickly turn your gun to the right and kill the three coming out the door.

Missing sections[edit | edit source]

Black Mesa East[edit | edit source]

"We Don't Go To Ravenholm..."[edit | edit source]

Highway 17[edit | edit source]

The plot causes damage[edit | edit source]

You will notice that when you fall in the car you take damage, and probably say to yourself, "I cannot possibly beat the game because it causes me to inevitably take damage," but here is what you do. Take the barrels and crates you see to your left and throw them with the gravity gun to where the car lands. You may have to jump down onto the sand, avoiding the antlions while you go to move the crates. I would suggest moving one crate and them jumped on it. After that use the gravity gun to pull the other crates to you. If you break a crate, get hit by an antlion, or take any other sort of damage reload.

Missing sections[edit | edit source]

Sandtraps[edit | edit source]

Missing sections[edit | edit source]

L.O.P[edit | edit source]

Do not hull yourself up in the Lighthouse. If you do then the bot who opens the path to you will die. Go to where the dropships will land. The first one should land by the downed truck on the opposite side of the base in reference to the lighthouse. Hide behind the truck, popping your head up once so that the truck shoots at you. If you want you can use your rockets a grenade to kill the dropship, but you can only kill one, so I would suggest you save it for a dropship you have trouble beating, which shouldn't be any. When the dropships land, assuming you made it to the landing point without taking damage, stand behind and to either side of the black crate. When the Combine soldier comes out a takes a few steps and stops (as it will have spawn protection until then) shoot it with a magnum (aiming for the head) or your crossbow. This should easily allow you to beat this part of the checkpoint.

Gunship #3[edit | edit source]

Run inside the lighthouse quickly, avoiding the gunfire as the gunship shoots though the window (you should not even have to wait, if you sprint up the stairs and then continue to walk when you run out of power it should never hit you). Restock on rockets and move that supply crate leading upstairs. Now it falls on you to kill it with your own skill.

Missing sections[edit | edit source]

Nova Prospekt[edit | edit source]

Entanglement[edit | edit source]

Anticitizen One[edit | edit source]

"Follow Freeman!"[edit | edit source]

Missing sections[edit | edit source]

Damage from a fall[edit | edit source]

After the strider batter you must walk across a few I-beams (slowly and crouched, you many fall off a couple times and have to reload), and when you get to the end of them you have to jump down, which causes you to take damage. There should be a recycling can in front of you near a dumpster. Pull the recycling can below and fall (not jump) onto it. Let Barney, the rebels, and DOG kill the Combine soldiers. DOG will lift up a crusher and have you jump into a hole under it. Time to meet Our Benefactors.

Our Benefactors[edit | edit source]

Dark Energy[edit | edit source]

Missing sections[edit | edit source]

The Final Battle[edit | edit source]

Thought I should have already stated this in the beginning of the manual I highly suggest finding out how to beat this part on your own. Situate yourself on the right side of the right energy ball field, hopefully if you followed the previous sections you reached this location well before Dr. Breen. When the portal reveals itself pull and push as many energy balls as you can into the portal before the gunship arrives. You should take head to kill this gunship before the other one arrives. When the gunship starts shooting, or rather before it starts shooting hold an energy ball in front on you. It does not matter if you crouch down or stand up no bullets will hit you if you have the energy ball pointed at the gunship. When it stops firing shoot an energy ball and pick up another as a shield. The energy ball should hit the gunship as it remains relatively still. Do this again and the gunship should die (yes, in hard mode it only takes two shots). Move over to the left side of the left energy ball field and do the same thing. Now shoot energy balls at the portal (I had so much time I destroyed all the portal's protective barriers, as you can destroy the portal without destroying all of them).

Congratulations on completing the game! You can now add this userbox to your userpage.