Halueth Dig Logbook (NWN)

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Halueth Dig Logbook
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Neverwinter Nights

This book details the initial search for the tomb of Halueth Never. It is unfinished, the writer obviously falling to the plague before he could include many details, but it does point to the possible locations for three tombs in addition to the one in the Peninsula District.

  • Beggar's Nest: Great Graveyard
  • Docks District: Northwestern quarter aqueducts
  • Blacklake District: Southwestern quarter

The directions are vague, but the book does mention that each tomb is likely sealed with a magically protected door. A riddle of some sort of the "key" to each. The solution to the Peninsula tomb door was "Emerald," which was answered by actually placing an emrdald in the container immediately next to the door. It is worth noting that this action seemed to destroy the item, making it an expensive discovery.

Hoar slew Ramman, Untheric god of war, but lost his foe's portfolio to Anhur. Clangeddin Silverbeard battled Labelas Enoreth over a misunderstanding. Waukeen vanished and custody or her portfolio was claimed by her ally Lliira. The avatar of the godling Lyachtu Xvim, half-demon offspring of Bane, was imprisoned under Zhentil Keep. Gildeam, the god-king of Unther, was slain by his rival Tiamat, ending his two-millennia rule of that nation.

Text of the "Emerald riddle" on the Peninsula tomb:

Diamond of the forest, if the seasons never changed.