Hans Voralberg

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Hans Voralberg

Game Series Syberia series
First Appearance Syberia 2002
Occupation: ex-factory worker, former student of Barrockstadt University, & heir of Voralberg Automatons Co.
Nationality: French Caucasian
Species: Human
Age: 82
Gender: Male
Birthdate: February 9, 1920
Birthplace: Valadilene, France
Likes: Mammoths
Hobbies: Building automatons
Family: Oscar(creation)
Rudolph Voralberg(father)
Jeanna Voralberg(mother?)
Anna Voralberg(sister)
Pierre Voralberg(ancestor)
Isabelle Voralberg(ancestor)
Herman Voralberg(ancestor)
Charles Voralberg(ancestor)
Creator(s): Benoît Sokal