Hasbro Family Game Night

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Hasbro Family Game Night
Basic Information
Video Game
Electronic Arts
PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network
This title has been rated E by the ESRB
United Nations International Release Date(s)
PlayStation 2 and Wii
November 112008
Xbox 360
March 182009
PlayStation 2
October 292009
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Hasbro Family Game Night is a video game originally released for the PlayStation 2 and Wii published by Electronic Arts. It is a minigame collection consisting of six Hasbro board games - Battleship, Boggle, Connect Four, Sorry!, Sorry! Sliders and Yahtzee. The games all have traditional versions as well as "advanced" variants exclusive to the Family Game Night package. The minigame collection is hosted by Mr. Potato Head. It was released on November 11, 2008.

Hasbro Family Game Night was also released on Xbox LIVE Arcade on March 18, 2009 as a free hub application, with the individual games available at 800 Microsoft Points apiece.[1] A disc-based copy of the game was released in November 2009. In North America, the Xbox LIVE Arcade version includes Scrabble along with the previous six games. On June 24, 2010 three new games were released on Xbox Live Arcade: Jenga, Connect 4x4 and Pictureka.

Hasbro Family Game Night was made available for download on the PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network on October 29th, 2009. This release features the main six games, with the North American version also featuring Scrabble[2], and is presented in widescreen format with trophy support.

A sequel was announced in May 2009. Hasbro Family Game Night 2 was released for the Wii and DS in October 2009.[3] Another sequel, Hasbro Family Game Night 3, was announced in May 2010 and is set to be released in the fall of the same year.

Reception[edit | edit source]

The review aggregator site Game Rankings has an average score of 64% for the Wii version, based on 11 reviews.[4]

IGN rated it as 7 out of 10 ("Decent"), and said that control and interpretation issues cause problems for some of the games.[5]

Games Master UK magazine said that: "Overall, this does everything you'd want it to (and no more)."

IT Reviews concluded about the Xbox 360 version: "We would pass on Battleship, which just didn't hold our attention and had fairly weak variants. Connect 4 is worth a pop, though, with alternative play modes that really bring the game to life, and Yahtzee is certainly a little gem for the asking price."[6]

References[edit | edit source]