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Haven Troopers (also known as FROGs) are a group of elite female soldiers that appear in the video game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots who form Liquid Ocelot's private guard as well as providing mission support for members of the Beauty and the Beast Corps. Equipped with special power suits, an array of acrobatic abilities and an arsenal of deadly weapons Haven Troops are well equipped for any situation.

A member of the Haven Trooper squad

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Haven Troops have a standard set of essential field gear, the FN Five-seven pistol as a side-arm, grenades and stun grenades. For close quarters they have a machete knife, a Garrotte and also a set of throwing knives. Their primary weapon is usually the FN P90 sub-machinegun however in certain parts of the game Haven Troops can be seen using the DSR-1 Sniper rifle and even the XM25 Airburst Grenade Launcher.

Field uniform[edit | edit source]

The Haven Trooper power suit itself resembles Old Snakes "muscle suit", a fully enclosed body suit that can be used in high and low temperature conditions as well as possessing numerous other properties allow for flexibility in terms of field deployment. Their helmets resemble that of a pilot helmet, fully enclosed and equipped with an air filter and also a set of eye piece’s that can display real-time battle information. Their combat belt consists of interconnected parts, 2 shoulder pads with pocket storage, a number of pouches on their backs, a crotch plate and 2 thigh plate carriers. For added protection they have 2 lower arm guards and 2 shin guards. Also a key characteristic they possess comes from the design of their boots which have 4, what only can be described as "claws" on each boot which make a "click/tapping" noise as the move, the boots also play a part in allow them to latch onto walls. The field uniform ensures that they are well equipped to suit virtually any situation.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Haven Troopers are very agile when it comes to fighting. One major difference that separates them from the regular PMC troops is the fact that they can jump to great heights and literally "stick" to any surface and fire their weapons. They can also perform various acrobatic manoeuvres while latched to a surface such as jump to another surface or even hang from ceilings and manoeuvre across it. Their "defying gravity" cat-like abilities could be pin pointed to them possessing a variant of the same Van Der Waals Force technology that is also used by the Gekko,s and Vamp as well as the design of their boots give them their cat-like agility that separates them from the standard PMC troops.

The nanomachines inside their bodies are also different; Haven Troops are virtually emotionless and non-remorseful during battle making them even more deadly. Also when a Haven Troop is killed their nanomachines combust resulting in their bodies being engulfed in a blue flames and leaving their body’s charred and once walked over they turn to dust.

Appearances in the game[edit | edit source]

Haven Troops are seen at various parts in the game:

  • In act 1 after Old Snake meets Meryl's Rat Patrol's team
  • During act 2 after Old Snake meets Naomi
  • Also during act 2 When Old Snake is tracking Naomi
  • During the bike chase in act 3
  • In the closing cut scenes of act 3
  • During the Crying Wolf boss fight in act 4
  • Throughout act 5

Haven Trooper uniform in Metal Gear Online[edit | edit source]

Konami released the Haven Trooper uniform for the well known Metal Gear Online in their third expansion pack Scene. However players do not poses the same abilities as the Haven Troopers from the main game, such as wall clinging, cat-like reflex's and also when a player dies wearing the Haven Trooper uniform they do not combust into flames. The suit still possesses the classic "clicking" sound from the boots and also the lighting on the helmet stays lit unless the player is killed.

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