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The Heart Container has appeared in every single game in the Zelda series. Link usually gets it as a reward for defeating bosses. It does exactly what it sounds like it does. It contains hearts. The more heart containers Link has, the more hearts he can hold at one time. The more hearts he has, the more damage he can take. When Link is down to a certain number of hearts (this number changes depending on how many containers he has) most Zelda games will play a constant alarm sound until the hearts are back above the warning level. This keeps the player from having to constantly check his hearts to see if he's about to die.

In many games, when all of Link's heart containers are full, he can shoot a beam from his sword, provided that he has the right kind of sword. In The Minish Cap Link could learn Peril Beam which let him shoot a beam from his sword when his heart meter gets low enough to beep.

In addition to defeating bosses, Link can also fuse four Heart Pieces together to create a new Heart Container. Heart Pieces weren't introduced until A Link to the Past.

In every game, Link always starts off with three containers, and usually ends with two rows of heart containers. The length of the rows changes from game to game (more recently it tends to be 10 hearts on each row), but you can usually use the amount of hearts you have to judge how far you are in a Zelda game. Once you get a new heart on the second row, you're usually more than halfway done, assuming you've been collecting heart pieces as you go along.

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