Hector (Fire Emblem)

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Game Series Fire Emblem
First Appearance Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals
Japanese Name: (ヘクトル, Hekutoru)
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Lycian League
Nationality: Ostian
Species: human
Gender: male
Family: Uther (brother), Lilina (daughter)
Weapon(s): Wolf Beil

Hector (ヘクトル, Hekutoru) is one of the three protagonist of Fire Emblem. He is also a minor character in the previous game, Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals. His first chronological appearance is in Fire Emblem 7 (although this is in fact a prequal to FE6), where he is a main character in the game. In Fire Emblem 6 he is much older and has become the ruler of Ostia and fathered a daughter, Lilina. However, he dies early on in this game and is unplayable.